Hate System
126 Chapter 126
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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126 Chapter 126

Chapter 126

Medu had an average height, slightly muscular, red hair, and wore a black and green military uniform which was quite cool. He also had a grenade in hand which he used to play with like a fidget spinner.

'Hey GS max all my stats you, after all, it wouldn't be fun if this battle end this soon'


"Hey, I heard all of your enemies died instantly as the match began is it true?"

"Does that even matter?"

"Heh, you are an interesting guy, you got that from me!"

"But will I die too just when the count reaches 0?"

"I don't know let see"

Zed said that with an amused smile.

In reality, he really could do it but where would be the fun then?

When the count reached 0 Medu's was full of emotions and adrenaline. But hen he realized he survived he was very elated. He felt like he got a big rock from his back.

'GS make me immune to damage'


After Medu calmed down he had a faint smile on his face and sprinted toward Zed with extreme speed.

He made a 99 combo of hits.

He felt like all of his hits were successful but something was amiss here.

He hit him already hundreds of time and his HP was full. Even if he was max leveled like him too he couldn't block so many attacks like that without armor.

"Tsk... I didn't want to resort to this but you forced me"


In the next moment, hundreds of black humanoid monsters appeared each holding a grading in hand.

Each grenade dealt the damage of 10 hits of a max leveled player.

One couldn't imagine how much damage they dealt together.

"This is the end it was nice to meet you... er I didn't ask for your name yet..."

Zed revealed a mocking smile before saying:

"It's Zed"

"Zed huh... Quite a special name"

"Farewell Zed... Attack!"

At this moment all grenades hit Zed with high precision a second delay before exploding.

This made quite a big explosion.

Not even a max leveled player couldn't hope to defend this type of attack.

It ranked first on top damage skills of the game.

The location where Zed was is full of dust.

Medu was prepared to go before he noticed something bizarre.

He didn't hear the GS notification that he won the match.

It was a bug or the enemy is in life.

The dust settled and a figure sat there unscathed from all the explosions. While big crates were all around him.

Medu was utterly stupefied.


"Huh... Such a simple question but the answer is me"

"I'm Zed, my entire existence is something you wouldn't understand so you can't question my ways if you can't even understand my existence"

Of course, that was just some bullshit Zed thought in that second because he couldn't say he hacked the GS, could he?

"Now then it's my turn right?"

'System revive all my shadows from the past life and summon a few hundred monsters like that of Medu"


At this moment the entire colosseum was flabbergasted again.

A giant dragon appeared together with a giant black bear, some black kobolds, and hundreds of humanoid monsters. A few hundred were almost identical to those of Medu. But Zed's appeared more domineering that those of Medu.

Medu was the most shocked. He couldn't even say anything, he was too shocked.

"I didn't summon them with toys like yours"

"Grenades hahaha... what is next swords? Haha"

'System gives every minion a Nuclear Bomb'


At this moment the audience fell down to their knees while others started crying from shock.

Medu was too shocked to even move but his mouth was agape.

"Now these are some weapons!"

"Without further add, attack!"

All of the humanoid monsters launched the nuclear bombs toward Medu.

While Kuro and the dragon went toward him with their nuclear bombs in their hands.

Their intention was very clear to bring him in hell along with them.






All that could be heard was the sounds of the nuclear bombs' explosions.

After the explosions ended the GS announced Zed as the winner.

But a few figures appeared not too far from Zed

When the audience calmed down they recognized the figures.

"Holy Shit they are actually admins and game developers!"

'Ahh, this became complicated... Did I really made such noise to attract those admins?'


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