Hate System
127 Chapter 127
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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127 Chapter 127

Chapter 127-Difference between a real system and a pseudo system

"Ah... I've thought this competition's winner will be Medu but who would have thought that it was just a hacker?"

One of the admins said that.

There were a total of 5 admins.

"Oh well time to do our work"

"system ban him"

[You can't ban someone of the same rank as you]


the 5 of them spoke in unison.

"Such a hacker, he even hacked an admin's rank"

"Oh well, only 1 option remained, that is to ban vote him"

"In order to ban someone from the same rank, you need 5 votes of the same rank"

"Hmmm it was so long since this happened"

At this moment in front of every admin appeared a GS window.

|Warning host will be banned|

|Do you want me to intervene?|

|Yes| |No|

'Hahaha of course I want!'

At this moment Zed's shadow became bigger.

And black tentacles appeared and went toward the GSs at an astonishing speed.

Furthermore, they appeared to be enhanced by Zed's GS.

They went inside the admins' GSs in an instant, it was only just an instant but the protection was broken and the tentacles went easily inside them.

|Hacking complete|

Zed's shadow went to normal after that.

They couldn't even react in time before their GSs got hacked and they lost control over it.

"What happened?"

"What are those tentacles?"

"Huh? Why can't I control the GS?"

"You too can't control it?"

While the admins got shocked and started talking between them Zed suddenly started starting.

"Bla Bla Bla! Doesn't your mouth hurt for talking so much?"

Before they could even say something Zed used the GS to summon 5 knives which were indestructible and were maxed and he added a special attribute to it and that attribute is to delete the person's account when they are stabbed.

Zed's GS has now the power of 6 admins' GSs so it could easily ban them. But this method was funnier to use, or at least that was what Zed thought.

They were scared when they saw those knives but before they could even blink they found a knife in their chest, also their characters were glitching.

[Your account will be banned]

[Thank you for playing Re: Life]

'Ugh I hate those people that really can't shut up, when they talk to me I don't need to even respond I'll just slice them in 1000 pieces, it's more time saving'


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