Hate System
128 Chapter 128
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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128 Chapter 128

Chapter 128

"Such a shitty game!"

Zed said indifferently but he was met with only hate.

"Shitty your mother! this game is more important than my family to me!"

"Did you just said that this game is shit?! This game was created by 80% of major companies from our entire planet and you say it's shitty?!"

"Shitty game?! It's more important than even your life"

"Suck my ,|, you asshole!"

"Hah... if you dislike what I said so much then I'm gonna say sorry to all of you..."

"Wait... Really ?"

"This was... much easier than I thought it would be... it's quite suspicious"

"Hahaha, even my dog has more courage than you!"

"Are you really gonna say you're sorry?"

"Pffft... You really thought I would say that?! HAHAHA"

"Hey system delete the game"

[Insufficient power]

"Not you, you fucking trash system I'm talking to my 5 stars system"

|Roger that, host~|

At this moment Zed's shadow started expanding more and more till it was ten times Zed's size.

The shadow concentrated and made a big ball of pure shadow that went in the air.

The ball exploded and a black hole appeared.

Great suction force started to suck all people and objects in it.

Even the game physics and laws were eaten by that black hole.

Zed was unaffected and just looked with a grin on his face at the despair of the people.

They were losing all the items, levels basically their entire account they invested money and time to nurture. That would be much hate, and the more hate the better for Zed. Every time a person was sucked in a notification appeared.

|+100.000 Hate Points|

|+340.000 Hate Points|


They were practically converted to Hate Points. Also after they entered the black hole their consciousness would be kicked out into their real body. Some tried to log back but it didn't work.

The companies tried to see what's wrong only to discover that all the codes were destroyed. If they really wanted to play again they will need to start making the game from 0. Even the backups of the game were destroyed like they exploded while some simply disappeared.

Zed was also kicked out into his real body.

He got out of the VR set and went toward the kitchen to drink some water.

Knock Knock

Someone knocked on the door.

Zed went toward the door. He was quite curious to see who it is.


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