Hate System
130 Chapter 130
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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130 Chapter 130

Chapter 130- New friends...

'Listen here if you don't help me taking decisions I'll send both of you to hell, or not I destroyed that place, but don't worry I'll make a special hell just for you two'

"Y...Yes, master!"

"Yes sir!"

IDiablo already experienced Zed's power and didn't want his soul and body to be fucked up again.

Andrew already knew what Zed is capable of.

'Ok, this guy wants to be my friend what are your opinions about this?'

"Just kill him, it's just an ignorant ant" IDiablo said that in with a serious expression.

"Try and befriend him, friends help in need," Andrew said that In a kind voice.

'Hmm... He may be useful so I'll befriend him for now...'

"That's good Zed I knew you could do better if you keep on like this I know you will become a good person!"

Zed didn't respond to that and just blushed a little.



Medu said with an expression full of expectation.

"I'll be your friend..."


Medu couldn't believe he befriended such a big person.


"Yay! I thought you would reject me or kill me on spot but it seem I was right when I trusted you!"

When IDiablo heard this he almost puked.

But he stopped when he saw Zed starring at him with killing intent in his eyes.

He knew that if he angered Zed he would be beyond salvation.Not even death could save him.

And Andrew just looked at him with excitement in his eyes.After all if he could turn Zed from the cruel and cold person he was he would do a good deed to humanity and even beyond that.

"Ahh... Come in or go away"

"Don't be so cold to me Zed~"

Zed didn't have friends so he just treated him as a minion.

"Wow is this your home? It's so cute"

"Is this you VR set? So cool!"

'He is quite energic I see...'

Zed just sat on a armchair leisurely and looked at Medu looking in the entire house.

Altough it was small it was a cute.

"Oh yeah, where are your parents, at work?"

'Hmm... Let's see how he will react to this'

"I killed them..."

"Oh it was like tha... You did what?!"

"I killed them"

"Then what about the police men you can't tell me he they didn't know, someone must say something about their absences at work or something?"

"I killed the policemen?"

"Then what about..."


This time Zed spoke loud and clear all the words signyfing that he killed everybody that has a problem with what he has done.

Medu expression turned solemn.

"I know you did it with a certain reason, I won't try to prick about it, I trust you"

Suddenly Zed solemn face turned a little warmer and he apperead a little shocked but just for a split of second before it returned to normal.

Medu didn't miss that expression.But as a response he just smiled foolishly.

'Huh... so this is a real friend...'

Blaaagh Blee...

Suddenly puking sounds could be heard...

Zed and Andrew looked toward IDiablo who was kneeling on the ground puking.

Zed and Andrew were suddenly angered.

"You piece of shit you just ruined this moment!"

"Ahhh... My hard work!"

Zed and Andrew started to kick IDiablo on the floor.

"Waahh... I'm sorry!"

"Hahaha, those two are so funny what are they?"

"Huh you can see them?"

"Uhh yeah, but they just apperead a moment ago when the long haired one started puking"

'System explain'

|I allowed him to see because he didn't seem like a threat to host and apperead to be a helper to host, but don't be angry if they were to turn to a threat the system will imediately exterminate him|

Altough they were just some propositions they made Zed assured.


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