Hate System
131 Chapter 131
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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131 Chapter 131

Chapter 131

"Ugh... Well if you can see them then I don't need to hide them anymore"

"Aham... present yourself"

"Hello Human, I'm Andrew nice to meet you"


Zed suddenly sent IDiablo a cold stare.

IDiablo suddenly reacted when he saw that stare.

"Hello mortal, I'm IDiablo nice to meet you"

'Just you wait Zed, I'm gonna make you pay for doing this to me'

'Aham... You are basically my pet so I know what you think so be more cautious with your thoughts, or not but there will be consequences'

IDiablo suddenly started to shudder a little.

"Nice to meet you Andrew and IDiablo, I'm Medu, I hope I get along with you~"



"I want to ask you a question"

"Speak your mind"

"What do you want to do now?"

"Hmm... that's hard to answer after all even I don't know"

"Let's see... All I want to do now is to have a lot of fighting and fun"

"Err... I see you are a very special person Zed"

Zed only rolled his eyes clearly to bored to respond back. But he was also thinking about what to do next.

Zed thought what to do next, he thought about destroying this planet for treating him badly in his previous life, but he abandoned that idea after all there were many different types of people, some were good like Medu, and also because not everyone needs to have the same path as Zed.

Then he remembered that he wanted to fight very much because it was one of the few pleasures he had. So he wanted to go to a dangerous place so he could fight to his heart content. He remembered that he had a system so he thought if there was a world full of individuals with systems.

Just the thought was crazy, but if it was really true then that would be a lot of fun for Zed.


|Yes, host?|

'Is there a world full of individuals with systems?'



"Hey Medu, our next destination is set?"

"Ahh are we going already, is it far?"

"Yes very far"

"How far? A continent, two?"

"Another world, a very far one"


Before he could even react he found himself and Zed into a new place.


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