Hate System
132 Chapter 131
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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132 Chapter 131

Chapter 131

"Holy Fuck, where are we and how did we end up here?!"

"Aham... It was because of me"

"Did you really think that an individual that could just ban game developers and admins on their own game that humanity worked on for years could be just a normal person?"


Medu couldn't say anything to that logic. But he was also stunned and needed a moment to think about it.

Before he responded.

"Ah... I understand, just please say something before you do something so mind-blowing, or else I'm gonna have a heart attack!"

Zed awaited a second for Medu to adapt to the current situation before exploring the place they were in right now.

The place they were teleported was in a forest with big trees.

The place was quite silent.

'System why is this place so silent?'

|No animals can be found in this world|

|Because this world is full of individuals with systems all of the mobs were exterminated for exp and materials|

In his mind, Zed offered a big F to all of the animals.

They were walking through it for a full hour before they could hear a sound.

It was a pretty little girl.

She had pink hair, she was very short, with pink and sparkly big eyes.

She wore a Lumberjack outfit. Her clothes were a little big for her.

In her hand, she had a small ax. Made from some hard metal, which appeared to be quite heavy.

She appeared like 13-14 years old.

She was trying to cut a small tree compared to the other tree.

' Yup , she's definitely a lolita'

Before he could react, Medu ran toward her.

"Hey, little girl! I'm Medu, do you need any help?"

'Ugh don't tell me he is in lolitas...'

Zed appeared in Medu's back analyzing her from head to toe.

"Uh... don't mind him he isn't like this with close people, but he's good"

"So what's your name?"

"I'm Anna, nice to meet you"

She pleasantly smiled and replied to them.

But she was feeling insecure because of Zed's stare.

Medu realized this and made a stare toward Zed, clearly indicating for him to stop looking at her like that.


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