Hate System
133 Chapter 133
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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133 Chapter 133

Chapter 133

"What do you want from me?"

Anna said that in a sheepish voice, and a little glint of fear in her eyes.

Medu instantly responded.

"To be friends with you, what else would I want from a beauty like you?"

For an instant, she almost laughed.

Medu didn't saw it but Zed surely saw it, but he didn't say anything.

"So do you need help with this tree?"

"Uhh... Well if you can I would be grateful"

Anna handed the ax to Medu.

The moment he took the ax...


A little crater could be seen under the ax that fell on the ground.

Medu mouth was agape.

"Holy fuck I almost died!"




Zed was the first to laugh followed by Anna.

"Why are you all laughing?"

Medu blushed slightly. He was definitely embarrassed by the fact that this lolita could lift it and he could, as a man that was embarrassing.

Zed didn't respond and just pick up the ax with his little finger and gave it to Anna.

Then he said.

"What would you expect in a world with systems?"

"Everyone here has a system, so how could they be weak"

"Even the weakest here could at least to cope a tank bullet"

"Onii-chan could it be that you don't have a system?"


Medu didn't have a response to that, all he did was to turn his head in shame.

"Well, take the good part, if you are the single one who doesn't have a system then you are one of a kind, so you're special"


"Zeeeed please give me a system~!"

"Get off my feet and be a man for god's sake..."

Medu couldn't care less of his dignity, now that he had such a friend, even slaying god can be done, so why the fuck should he care?

Even if there was a beauty there, with a system he could get an indefinite amount of them.

So all he could do was to beg him until he gave him a system.

"Onii-chan there's a way but..."

"But nothing, please say it~"

After he heard this he became suddenly excited and couldn't wait for her response.

"In this world, you can get the system of the beings you killed..."


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