Hate System
136 Chapter 136
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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136 Chapter 136

Chapter 136- Yveltal Rock City

After traveling for an hour they arrived in the city Anna live in.

It was named Yveltal Rock city.

The name was like this because around the city were mines that were full of Yveltal rocks. They are a common rock around here, but it's very durable and useful, it has 7 colors so it is quite pretty, one could make many jewels for decoration or weapons armors, etc, so commerce bloomed and the city and citizens prospered.

There were also many flowers which could be used for medicine. Which meant there were many persons with a healing type system. And because there was a forest in front of the city there was bond to be systems like Anna's

"Quite a beautiful city you got, let's destroy it!"


"How could you do something so immoral?!"

"Do you want to die?"

"What did we come here for then?"


After some rounds of verbal abuse toward Zed from Anna and Medu, Zed finally conceded.

'I only wanted some fun, was there a need to abuse me like this?'

"Uhh I need to go to my parents so I can inform them that I'll be gone for a while because I'm gonna be around you guys because there's a lot of fun around you guys, I can never get bored, do you want to come?"

"Neah... We'll pass, see you at the arena"

Initially, Medu wanted to go to see her parents, but after he knew that she was a he, Medu changed his mind.

And Medu passed for Zed as well, because he saw that Zed didn't have any interest in it too.

'Hmm so strange, I wonder why did Zed become like this?'

'I mean he just wanted to destroy a city the moment it saw it'

'And he doesn't have much trust in persons he is very with friends'

'Although he wants to act tough and with no weakness, he is actually a soft guy'

'I'm wondering what has he been through...'

Many thoughts bombarded Medu but he ignored them after a moment because for him Zed was Zed and nothing else. And he didn't want to pry on him because he saw that Zed wasn't pretty happy when he thought about it, so Medu thought it wouldn't be a good idea to ask him about it if he reacted like that.

"Welp... Let's go to that arena and get you a system"

"Hey wait! Anna didn't come back, so how could we go inside the city if there are guards at the entrance, maybe we need some sort of pass or something..."

"Easy, force our way through!"

"Let's talk about this!"

"Ok... IDiablo and Andrew what do you think about this?"

"I'm with Zed, why would we care for such lowly life things if we are much stronger than them?"

IDiablo indisputably went with Zed's opinion, although their thoughts were a little different.

"I'm with Medu, I think we should wait for Anna, after all, we don't want to cause troubles to do we?"

"Also IDiablo, don't make Zed take such decisions, did you forget what happened last time?"

After Andrew finished his sentences IDiablo started to remember what happened in the past when Zed thought like that.

The very heavens and Hell were destroyed, countless angry ghosts and demons of all kinds killed mercilessly. Just this thought made him scared.

"Ok... I'll go with Medu's opinion"

"Tsk... Ok Ok We'll wait for Anna"

Medu only responded with a big smile.

'Ceh... Even IDiablo and Andrew are with Medu's opinion...'


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