Hate System
137 Chapter 137
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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137 Chapter 137

Chapter 137

half an hour passed.

Diablo, Andrew, and Medu along and conversed.

While Zed was a little further from them sitting cross-legged and appeared to be a little angry.

"Interesting I didn't know mortals could be this interesting...I think I was thinking wrong before. Such luck for me to realize this if not I would become like that mortal Zed"

"HUH?! Wanna fight?"

Zed heard the comment and was a little angered.

"Now now we won't resolve nothing with violence"

"Hmph this time Andrew saved you"

"What's with him?"

Medu said that with curiosity etched on his face.

"Ahh... Ignore him that's how he is...And he is a little angered that we agreed with you and not you"

Zed heard that as well and just when a little blue butterfly touched him he instantly used a small White Nova to kill it it even destroyed a few trees from behind and made a little crater. Thankfully it was just a small one.

It was just some trees so the guard ignored it. Because in this world, destroying some trees with a single move was almost common.it wasn't common because there were many weaklings like Anna and many others.

But even so, every individual here could become an overlord in another world.

"geez he is such a kid"

"Nah...that can't be helped after all he is Zed and more importantly our friend"

Zed heard this as well. And his anger disappeared little by little. Until there remained nothing of it.

Medu saw that and just smiled and pretend to not see it.

"He is so happy when someone says he is his friend... How can someone be like that even if he was an introvert he had to have some friends...It couldn't possibly be that he was alone this time or even worse, could it?

Just as Medu was wondering many things Anna came from his parents with a few peculiar colored badges in her hands.

"I've come back, guys!"

"Here put these badges on and you can enter the town anytime."

"They look so pretty!"

"Who are those two?"

"They are my slaves IDiablo and Andrew"

"such a ruthless way to introduce them, I'm feeling sorry for them... come here Anna give you a big hug"

"Stay away from me!"


" hah?"

"Pffft, they were present all the time"

Anna just realized what was he referring to and just blushed.

"Hmph, I don't care anymore about them!"

"What are we gonna do there are only 2 badges?"

"Idiot my slaves are invisible to almost everyone, only we need to wear them"

"I didn't think you can say such a logic thing"


"Also Anna how did you get those badges?"

"They belonged to my grandparents but they are no longer with us and I wanted to make use of the badges"

Some grief and horror appeared on Anna's face.

Zed just pet Anna's head.

"Don't make such a face, he is in a better place"

'At least they are not in hell because I destroyed it but not heaven to, they most likely reincarnated'

"Thank you"

Anna went to his normal face with a warm smile.


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