Hate System
138 Chapter 138
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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138 Chapter 138

Chapter 138- Systems's Battle Arena

Finally, they went toward the city gate.

The guards were on guard, ready to use skills, and all of their attacks if they found out they were enemies. They only lowered their guard when Zed and the others showed them their badges.

They had spears in their hand. Which appeared to be made from some Yveltal rocks. While the stick was made from some type of wood combined with iron and other ores. The stick looked brown and metalized. They also had a red long scarf. While their armors were made from some sort of grey to white material.

They allowed them to enter through the gate. In the inside of the city walls were many diverse houses. The style of the houses was different from one to another. One was a fantasy type while the other was a super modern house. One looked traditional to Japan while one was too high tech for even Zed and the others to understand what it was.

Finally, on the upper right side of the city a big Arena could be seen.

One could say that it was the most beautiful thing in the city. Its size was colossal, it could house easily hundreds of thousands of persons in it.IN some cities the Arena was so big that it could house even millions.

Although the arena was so big there weren't many participants.

There were only around 100. This was also quite normal after all not everyone could get a system, every one of them could become an overlord in another world so why would they lose their lives so meaninglessly if they could live like a an emperor of that said world?

But there were also some who didn't fear death and even going to hell. Of course, everyone has their motives for participating because no one would put their life in danger for nothing. This was the System's Battle Arena (SBA), riches, power, women, materials, weapons you can get everything if you win but only if you win also if you win you can survive only if the winner would say so, the moment you lose your life will be in another person's hands so it's better to think twice before participating or you'll lose your life meaninglessly.

The material the arena was made of looked to be from white jade. Zed went to participate.





"name of the system?"

"Hate System"

"Hate system? that's pretty unique, you're not from here are you?"

"No, I'm not from here"

"Well good luck Zed, you're registered, better go now the tournament is going to start soon"

Zed's system's name was unique after all his system was one of a kind, and it wasn't a common system like Anna's. It was the most powerful tool Zed had. It was the one who helped Zed every time he needed it, it was there when he needed it and it didn't abandon him.

Zed went in the SBA and there were other 99 participants waiting for him.

'So it's a free for all?'


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