Hate System
139 Chapter 139
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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139 Chapter 139

Chapter 139

The other participants just glanced at him while others looked at him as prey. That could be because Zed looked like a frail-looking adolescent.

When Zed arrived the judge that was floating in the air started talking.

The judge was a gorgeous lime-haired lady, she looked to be in her teen twenty.

"Now without further add let's start the battle"

Raucous cheers could be heard from all over the arena. There were tens of thousands of people.

After that one big explosion after another started.

Zed wasn't idle, after all, he was going to get a system for his friend. So he thought to get more so Medu could choose one. The rest of them will be cannon fodder for Zed's system, that's right he was going to convert them to hate points. Even though he had many hate points you can never have enough hate points.

His first prey was now in front of him.

It was a blond lady. She had a voluptuous body, green eyes and was quite big for her size, she was around 2,10 meters.

"Hahaha my name is Landra and I'll beat you up with my Punching Bag System"

"Punching Bag System? HAHAHA, that's the funniest system so far!"

"Laugh while you can, but at the final, you're gonna be sorry for underestimating my system!"

After she finished talking she put herself in defense.

"Huh? aren't you gonna attack?"

"Hit me!"

"Ahhh such a dilemma, how can I hit a girl?"

Hearing that Landra blushed a little and was a little red at face.

"Gender doesn't matter, hit me or die!"

"Well... OK!"

Zed didn't hold back at all and threw a colossal fist projection at her.



The Crater made a 5 radius crater under her.

Surprisingly she survived although she looked to be tired she still had determination in her eyes.

"Come on why aren't you attacking me? Are you scared?"

Zed didn't put that comment to heart but he still was a little annoyed.

One punch after another rained down upon her.




After so many fists she was in a miserable state but she looked like she was getting stronger with each attack also she was in pleasure?

'I can't believe it... she is a masochist!'

"Huh, why did you stop? are you tired? Hahaha"

'Ok, I'm annoyed, lets kill this bitch!'

Zed controlled the entire qi in his body to go to a fixed point in his hand.

The qi was so dense that even dark mist surfaced around the fist.

Landra unknowingly started to tremble.

"W... Who... Who are you?!"


"I'M ZED!"

After finishing his sentence he launched his fist upon her, it landed squarely on her stomach.


A big explosion of a 1-kilometer radius appeared, leaving a 100 meters crater in the arena.

After she died a box appeared above her body it looked like it was going to disappear at any moment.

Zed's system immediately acted.

Black Tentacles appeared and went toward Landra's system.

The tried to penetrate it but it was getting stronger with each strike from the tentacles.

Before the system disappeared the tentacles increased in size, red mist with hints of black lightings appeared around the tentacles. The system shuddered before opening and the tentacles got in.

|Punching Bag System dominated|

"Ahhh... ok one down let's go to the others"

Zed looked around to see that only 48 participants survived.


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