Hate System
140 Chapter 140
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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140 Chapter 140

Chapter 140-Super big stars reveal


a big explosion was heard and Zed discovered a man standing in front of him. A middle-aged man which was slightly handsome with a black brick in hand.

He looked in Zed's eyes.

"So you're Zed, my name is Lin fan, pleased to meet you"

"Hmm why do I feel a connection with you? or is it just me"

"Holy Fuck you are my grand grand grandpa!"

In his second life, his ancestor was Lin Fan, when he recovered his stats he also recovered his blood from his second life.

"What? I checked and you really are related to me by blood... so much time has passed there?"

"I and my strongest system are getting quite old..."


Another big explosion appeared around them and a youth, which appeared to be in his first twenty came from it. He was quite handsome as well he also had a brick but it was bigger and the man was on it flying. Also, there was rainbow-colored lighting and fire which were obeying him like he was the master of all flames and lighting.

"Hi my name is An Lin"

"Grand grandpa?"

On Zed's first life he heard that his grand Granpa suddenly disappeared without a trace. And also some weird rumors that said he didn't age now he knew what happened.

After hearing that An Lin used a divine technique that analyzed him and he found that he really has his ADN.

"Oi Oi... how can this happen?"

"Grand Grandson, am I that old Battle God system?"

"Uhh let me introduce myself my name is Zed and I have reincarnated and has the blood and from all the lives resulting in having both your ADN"

An Lin and Lin Fan were listening with great concentration.

"So much time without you, please give me a hug"

Zed appeared to be quite happy to find his ancestors here.

They didn't disappear they just went to a higher plane.

An Lin and Lin Fan both let their guard done and allowed Zed to hug them because they are still thinking about what he just said.

Just when they made contact something happened...

In Zed's hand appeared 2 red knives.

Both An Lin And Lin Fan who was in deep thinking immediately were injured fatally by Zed's knives.

Although their lives weren't in danger they felt powerless.

"Feeling weak aren't we?"

"What have you done?"

"Why did you do this to us aren't we family?"

"Bla Bla Bla what would the fuck I care, why did you think I died? They made my life hell in 2 lives"

"If you wondering why you can't conjure spells An Lin and why can't you build up some qi Lin Fan the answer is simple"

An Li and Lin Fan immediately stopped when they saw Zed discovered their plan and turned to listen to him with a little sorrow.

"The knives are very special, they are named Existence Weakness Knives, they are a set"

"Except that they are nearly indestructible, they look normal but their special ability is that those sliced by them will be powerless until they die, but with such an ability comes with a many conditions: It won't affect others that are stronger than me, it only works on those comparable or weaker than me, luckily both of you were very much the same as me"

"But why? Why do you want to kill us?"

"Did you both forgotten where we are right now?"

"If yes, then lets me remind you, we are currently at Battle Arena which is a battle royal to death!"

"You can't even make a difference to famil..."

Before they could respond back Zed already sliced them in half.


On top of Lin Fan appeared a box which was exuding dominance and unparalleled strength.

Zed's system immediately acted. It tried to destroy the strongest system's protection but it failed because the system fighted back with its aura.But after a moment the Punching Bag System acted and helped the Hate System by blocking the attacks of the strongest system while the Hate System easily destroyed its defence.

|Aqcuired The Strongest System|

An Lin's system 'The Battlegod System' was recovered in lightings and flames filled with sword essence.

The Strongest system was subdued so it expressed dominance over the Battle God System which made its attacks way weaker, the Punching Bag System easily blocked very attack it was even easier than with The Strongest System,the Hate System already broke through the fire and Lighting protection of the Battle God System.

|Aqcuired The Battle God System|

|Combine the 3 systems and get a breakthrough of you stage and go to the next stage?|

|Yes| |No|

"It finally came the time for a breakthrough..."

"Hahaha it finally came"


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