Hate System
141 Chapter 141
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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141 Chapter 141

Chapter 141-colossal breakthrough

How did Zed end up having a breakthrough by getting systems?

Easy, because Zed's system didn't need the power of the other systems because it didn't even have a thousandth of its power so it used them and combine them then converting the result into a pre energy to help its host breakthrough and become stronger.

|Inserting power into host|

The system was inserting the converted result of the systems in Zed's body.

Zed's skin became a little redder and there was even some small white smoke around him, it looked like it came from its body. His body was quite strengthened too.

"Ahh... I feel like a bomb, so much energy!"

Zed then sat down with his legs crossed.

The sky which was extremely enormous was covered by black clouds.

"Huh did some cultivation system dude is making a breakthrough?"

"Yeah probably something like that"

Somewhere in the spectators' seats...

"Huh?! Is he crazy why would he do that when there are many participants not very far away from him?"

"Medu... did Zed became mad?"

The participants in the arena who were;t far from Zed didn't miss this opportunity and went toward Zed to kill him in its most vulnerable state.

A white-haired youth with a blue longsword slashed at him with great ferocity, but he was stunned that not even a stretch was on Zed... it was like his body was made of diamonds...Fuck that even they would easily shatter from this power.


Zed was a little angry toward the youth, not because he attacked him after all his body is very strengthened because of the energy of the systems but because he got his attention and couldn't concentrate on the tribulation.

He used his qi to use An Lin's brick which was expanded to the size of a whale and crashed upon the white-haired swordsman. The swordsman was sent back flying around 3-4 kilometers before hitting a protection array and spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The rest of the asssaultes were given a fright but they didn't want to miss the opportunity so they advanced toward him.

Zed just ignored them and prepared for the tribulations after all even if they arrived at him they couldn't go through his defenses now that they have been greatly strenghtened.

The first red lighting came down and went toward Zed.

Zed instantly jumped toward the lightning and with swift movements he slashed the lightning in many pieces which then he rapidly grabbed them and started eating them in fenzy.

"Ahh spicy!"


"This one is quite delicious warm and sweet"

"Bleak... too salty for me"

The spectators' and participants' mouths were fully open.

"Is he eating the tribulations lightings?"

"Is he even human?"

"What the hell am I seeing?"

The participants wanted to test how powerful the tribulation's lighting truly was.

A little wisp of lighting went toward the floor where one participant with a red card and yellow eyes with exquisite face features tried to touch it but her entire hand started to melt in depravity and it started going toward the main body.

The exquisite participant fastly slashed his hand and retreated.

"What type of lighting is even that?!"

"Only a touch can at least seriously injure me or even kill me if used correctly"

The rest of them could only look at him while others ignored him and went to finish other targets.

The lightings became more and more powerrful.

More redder and redder.

Just as the tribulation was to be done...

"Ah I'm still hungry!"

Zed went toward the sky and opened his mouth.

The lightings were attracted to him like bees to flowers.

They also couldn't escape from his suction force and such the other lightings were absorbed.

Zed absorbed so much lightnings that the black clouds started to become white.

Zed stopped when he saw that the black clouds were already pure white.

The dark day suddenly became a pure senile day.

Zed descended to the ground. His clothes were pretty damaged but his body was without a scratch also his skin color became jade white and it looked even sturdier than before.


"One word: delicious!"


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