Hate System
142 Chapter 142
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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142 Chapter 142

Chapter 142-new powers

"Uhh, that was a wonderful snack..."

"Oh you are still alive"

Zed looked around to see around 13 people remaining.

"Too bad"

Zed raised his finger toward the sky.

"Divine Rainbow Fire-Lighting Storm"

The sky was colored in a myriad of colors.

Then rainbow divine lighting's and fires started to rain in the arena going toward the participants like moving missiles.

Agonized screams resounded in the arena.

The remaining participants were engulfed by flames. The tried to extinguish the flames but to no avail as they were holy and divine flames. They could only die in agony. While others died because they were struck by the lightings, they were fast and mortal. While others who were misfortuned were killed by hybrids, they had the form of a ball of flames with the essence of lightings.

The divine flames and lightings were a signature move of An Lin.

After the storm ended the arena ground was black from all the lightings and flames and the bodies from the others completely disappeared.

From the strongest system and the other system he also got a signature moved. The signature move from The strongest system and the other system combined creating a new deadly skill.

Just as Zed was going to announce himself as the winner and he looked at the public that was stupefied and didn't know what to say after all they were scared shitless when they saw that storm something happened.

A black fissure appeared behind Zed.

A blond and musculus man appeared. He launched himself at Zed with his fists.


Heaven and Earth tremored. Zed was thrown to the ground.

"Hahaha that's Beke, with his Black Berserker Space system"

"He is our hope to defeat this barbarian"

"Ach... I didn't like this moment from the moment it appeared but he was too overpowered for us to do anything to him but now Beke surprise attacked him so he has a big chance to win"

Beke launched one devastating punch after another toward Zed that was already on the ground.

Every hit made an earth-shattering explosion sound. He hit and hit with each punch much heavier than the last one.

He was like an ever-growing war god that descended on earth to deliver justice and punish all evil.

But something wasn't right, Zed was still there with a wide grin on his face looking in his eyes like a psychopath ready to kill his victim.

But little did Beke know that this was Zed's other signature move from the strongest system and the other one.

It was named a torture vessel.

If the host still has the energy to supplement the skill then no matter how much you hit his body you won't be able to kill him and will only make it stronger. The only chance you got to kill him it's to deplete the host of energy then kill the host or you need to destroy the body instantly before it regenerates.

But Zed's body was one of the strongest bodies now that he break through to the next stage which is named Great Red Immortal Stage so it will be nearly impossible to destroy it instantly.

After his body reached the level where he didn't get any damage from Beke even with a full-frontal attack he stopped the next punch with his hand and looked at him like at you that had been broken.

"I'm already bored, disappear"

With a single sentence, everything turned silent, and before everyone could react Zeds' hand went through Beke's chest in his hand Beke a heart was still pulsating before abruptly stopped.


Zed a squished Beke's heart and blood was to be seen on his hands and the black ground.

In an instant what appeared to be a sure win transformed in something that no one thought.

The world was silent and was looking at Zed like he was some sort of monster.

Except for Medu and Anna who were just worried and surprised about him.

Zed then went toward a certain place in the arena.

Everyone was looking at him with curiosity.

He already won so what does he want to do?

"Seek my call and come back"

An Lin and Lin Fan appeared in front of Zed with newly constructed bodies.

"Where are we weren't we reincarnated?"

"I just wanted to say thank you for your systems"

"Wait we remember you..."

Before they could talk Zed punched them to minced meat.

"We...We have a winner... Zed!"


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