Hate System
143 Chapter 143
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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143 Chapter 143

Chapter 143- Pleasure of Victory

"S...Sir as the winner what's your wish?"

The winner has the right to male a wish and the arena need to fulfill it, the single condition was that it needed to be something possible.

"I want to give my wish to Medu"

"Please come here Medu"

Medu then went from the spectator arena to Zed and the judge.

"May I know your wish, sir?"

"Uhh...I want a system"

"A system huh... what type of system to you prefer"

Many winners wanted a system as a reward so it was pretty common.

"I want a... Negative Emotions Absorber System!"

Zed appeared surprised for a little, after all, he knew what Medu was thinking when he made that choice. He wanted to help him...

'Ahhh... such an insistent youth...'

"Ahh... a peculiar choice. Bring Mark here"

Mark had a system that could create other systems, but it had a fatal flaw... he couldn't control them only give it to others and he could only level, and if the others use them also he got employed to use the system and get money. Because his type of system was rare he was well paid.

Mark was a young-looking man with white long hair and round eyebrows.

'Holy fuck... He looks like a trap!'

Zed almost laughed when he saw him but he didn't want to disrespect him because they only met.

Mark noticed that and only coldly looking at him with his cold and sharp eyes

Many special effects appeared around Mark's hands and only around 5 minutes he created a system. It looked like a white ball of light that went in Medu instantly after it left Mark's hands.

Medu was a little scared but the system got in like a ghost so he didn't feel anything. After a second he could see his system interface.

"Holy fuck I finally got a system!"

"Yeah yeah... everybody's happy now let's go explore this world"

Zed was bored. He had to fucking wait 5 minutes for Mark to create a system.

If Mark or any other person could hear this they would start to curse Zed, after all, no one is a maniac like him to create a system at will.

"Tsk... You could at least let me enjoy the moment"

"Ahh... nevermind let's go get Anna, IDiablo, and Andrew and let's get the fuck out of here, my nose is exploding from this smell"


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