Hate System
144 Chapter 144
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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144 Chapter 144

Chapter 144-A new taste of hatred

After the commotion ended Zed, Anna, IDiablo, Andrew, and Medu went out of the arena and city.

"Dude! I got a system!"


"How the fuck could you be so indifferent?!"

"Everyone has a system here..."


Medu didn't have a response to that because it was 100% true, but he was still a little angry over it.

"Tsk... can't even be happy for something like this..."


Anna heard the conversation and could only smile. He felt a really god sensation of friendship.

Because he looked like that he didn't make any friends, all of them called him freak or tranny or something and would only mock him.

Andrew and IDiablo were pretty bored, after all, one was a god while the other a devil and for them, this was just a normal human conversation. So it made sense for them to be bored with it.

As they were walking in a forest around 10 kilometers from the city the forest was pretty silent.

Zed finally decided to stop.

"Ohh... come out already! Aren't you bored of stalking us for so much?"

From the trees in their back, a young man with yellow long hair and a soft voice and apparently an aura that make you feel comfortable like he was some saint appeared.

"Oh well if you know then that will do things faster"

"Holy fuck someone actually fell for it!"

"Huh why do you mean by that, didn't you know that all along?"

'Holy fuck someone actually came, let's pretend that I knew all along that he was stalking us, I can't possibly make fun of myself and say that I only said that to test if someone would be following us and didn't think that someone would actually do it'

"Yeah I knew it, what do you want?"

Anna and the rest were both shocked as well.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Gabriel!"

"The champion at the arena for 3 consecutive years till I decided to not participate anymore because it was boring"

"But who would know that someone like you would appear like that"

"I need to say that I'm impressed with your power, but I need to purify you as I am an angel of God who will deliver justice on behalf of him and destroy all evil"

"I sensed your power of hatred and know that you are bad to the bone, even your existence is filled by it, even I wonder how can you keep it in and still put that happy face and make some 'friends'"

Before anyone could react Gabriel made a golden and red disc while 6 white wings appeared on his back. Gabriel threw the disc at Zed with great speed.

Zed was instantly hit by it.



Yellow and red lightings electrocuted zed while the disc immobilized him.

Zed was on the ground clearly in pain.




Anna and the rest immediately tried to help Zed but they just couldn't as the lightings were too powerful for them to approach. Even a little lighting could instantly destroy them. They were surprised at Zed for having such a strong body.

"It's useless those are holy lightings, the evil can't destroy them as they were blessed by even God himself, they even purify evil power, as you have been with him for a while you will also feel quite weak"

"Shut the fuck up, I'm also a god so what?"

"Pffft.When I say god I don't refer to a second rate god from another world, I refer to God! the creator of systems! He created almost every system. Although there were some special systems that were not created by him as they were even older than him, you could count them in the fingers of one palm. The chance to meet one is almost null. Some of them even disappeared for no one knows how much time"

"Shut up!"

"Mortal be prepared to die!"

Andrew and IDiablo were already full of this man's arrogance and sprinted toward him with killing intent.

When they were 3 feet in distance from him Gabriel stomped his foot 2 times on the ground and Andrew and IDiablo both hit the ground and were struggling to get up but couldn't. There was some sort of holy and mysterious power that kept them from getting up. Blood gushed out from their mouths and nostrils. Their teeth were both crackling like they were about to crack. Their bones crackled like popcorn almost broke from the pressure they were under.

"Confused lambs forgot that impure being and purify yourself and become God's apostles"

Andrew and IDiablo had unyielding hearts. Their will was not human. To reach their positions they put uncountable blood and sweat. Now that their friend was in trouble how could they not help him in his time of need?

"Shut the f up!"

"Mortal go fuck yourself!"

The pressure became stronger.



"Poor lambs... you were brainwashed by this impure being... lets me purify him for you and regain freedom"

When Gabriel turned his head toward Anna and Medu, Zed was already unconscious.

Gabriel raised his arms toward the sky.

"May God bless you"

The pressure grew in size and encompassed Anna and Medu too.

"AHHH it hurts so much!"


"Please stop!"

"I can't stop till I purify all of you!"

"I can't let that impure being to brainwash you, I'll save all of you!"


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