Hate System
145 Chapter 145
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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145 Chapter 145

Chapter 145- A turn in destiny

"It's no use I already saw your destiny..."

"Right here and now you will all be purified in the name of God himself!"

To be honest Gabriel really did a divinization to check his future before he decided to stalk them. This was one of the reasons he got this powerful. If he didn't have this power then he could have accidentally be killed by someone who hides their strength when he was weak.

But with the help of this power, he grew in power more and more. And about the god he talked about, it was just a lie he invented, after all, how could such a being exist. If it really does exist won't it be invincible? About the old systems that were actually true but it was more of a myth.

Gabriel extended his hand toward Anna's head with an evil smile ready to kill her millions of times again and again.


Anna felt that his life was in danger and felt indescribable fear.


At this moment the earth started tremoring violently. The birds that were in the vicinity flew in the distance and the animals felt killing intent radiating through the air and immediately fled the forest.

Zed's unconscious body seemed to come back to life but his eyes were closed and he seems to be glitching. The disc started to have signs of a crack. It couldn't withstand Zed's power if this continued on forth it would explode.


The disc cracked open, ominous energy wich condensed so much that it even materialized and could be seen as the black fog that could devour one's life was to be seen.

"What terrifying ominous energy... to think that it could even take form and be visible, no if this continued it could even materialize itself and become liquid, maybe even solid! I need to stop it now!"

|Host's life was in danger and the host couldn't give a response so the system used the host's hatred as fuel and activated Hate Mode until the host can take care of himself|

Zed system was probably the single one who could use Zed's hatred without cracking. But the system was pretty reluctant on using it, maybe it was pretty tiring for the system.


A demonic laugh resounded in the forest.

Liquid energy started flowing from Zed's eyes which were pitch black like two black holes that would absorb all lives from the world and leave nothing in its path and red clouds of mist were around Zed's smile.

Zed's body looked like it was fighting with reality one fraction of a second it was distorted in the other part it looked normal.

In a split of second, he appeared in front of Gabriel who was still in shock. Zed's face was just some centimeters away from Gabriel's face, he looked deep inside his eyes. Gabriel was shocked to the bone by Zed's eyes. It looked like countless lives were killed and tortured in the black darkness in his eyes screaming for help... no rather it sounded like they were urging him to join them.

For the first time in his life, he felt so scared and threatened by someone.

Zed responded to Gabriel's fear with a demonic sounding laugh.

the next moment Zed launched a kick towards Gabriel's head.

Just a blink and Gabriel's head was down on the ground.

In the next second Zed cast a revive on Gabriel.

He then proceeds to bite him on his neck crushing even his bones with it.

Zed started to become more and more lucid and his killing intent grew bigger.

"Returning body control to host"

"I'm baaack~"



Gabriel finally got a chance to scream from the pain he felt before Zed's consciousness returned.

Zed launched a fist toward his mouth, it was just slightly power fist just enough to not kill him instantly.

"Shut up! Didn't you talk enough already it's my time isn't it"

Gabriel crawled on the ground trying to run.

"Pfft. is this your attempt at running?"

"Weren't you send by god? Where's your so-called power of justice?"

Zed just slowly walked and with a simple movement Zed crushed Gabriel's head with one foot.




Another hit in the mouth.

"I said SHUT UP!"

Gabriel tried to talk but couldn't even mutter right.

Zed put his foo between Gabriel's legs then stomped mercilessly even the earth tremored from the force Zed used to stomp in that peculiar place.

"Ahhh. It feels good doesn't it Gabriel?!"


"Divine Lighting Bomb"

Zed put his hand on Gabriel's mouth and Gabriel started to become bigger like a balloon till he exploded in million pieces.


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