Hate System
147 Chapter 147
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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147 Chapter 147

Chapter 147-The wheel of fate is constantly rotating

Just was Zed was about to calm himself and go back to his normal self the energy in him went wild and out of control...

He felt like the control of his own body disappeared and he felt to the ground like a statue unable to move and fell asleep. His fall created a crater underneath him. The shockwaves woke up Medu and Anna.

"Huh? What happened?"

"Hey, Zed!"


Anna and Medu ran after Zed's body which was in the middle of a crater.

He appeared to be asleep but he looked different from his normal self.

His eyes were black and his mouth was also scary. Mini black thunders appeared around his body.

Anna who was in this world for quite some time knew what happened with a single glance.

"This is bad! His body used too much energy, now he suffers a backlash!"

"That sounds bad! How do we help him to overcome the backlash"

Anna's expression turned a little bit uglier than normal. This was definitely a bad sign.

"There are certain conditions for each backlash. One solution Is for the host to overcome it manually and endure it, but it appears this is his first backlash and it appears to be very powerful, more powerful than the normal backlash one would suffer, while the other one is to get external help but it's very hard because only certain things can intervene in the backlash and it depends on each system"

"What's the difference between that and not giving a response?"


Anna was a little angry, Zed was suffering a backlash because of them and now Medu was in the mood to joke around.

A funny grin appeared on Medu's face.

"Did you forgot what system I got?"

"Oh yes!"

Medu and Anna didn't talk much before Medu used his system on Zed's body.

\u003c+1000 XP\u003e

"Holy Cow, Zed is like a fucking gold mine!"

\u003c+1000 XP\u003e

\u003c+1000 XP\u003e


By the time Zed woke up, Medu and Anna were in front of him smiling at him.

"Did you sleep well?"

"...Well I did sleep well, but what happened to my body, I was sure I fainted and something happened to my body"

"Don't need to worry about that we fixed it, but please don't use that energy anymore, or you'll end up like that again"

"Hey Zed! do you see something different about me?"

"You look funnier than normal?"

"No, you retard! I'm more powerful, because of you I leveled up and now I'm very powerful"

"Pffft... Is that level considered Powerful? Hahaha"

It was ended true Medu leveled up quite a bit. He had the strength of a True God stage based on cultivation which was pretty good against normal people with systems.But still, he was completely weak compared to hidden experts, take Gabriel as an example, even now he could put Medu on his knee using his pressure.

"Haha... So funny -_-... Laugh all you can but one day I'll be strong enough to kick your ass"

"Haha dream on~"

"Ahh, you two stop arguing and let's go exploring again"

"Oh yeah, Zed why do you want to explore?"

"Oh well I just want to see what this world has to offer us, after all, it a world full of systems it has to have something good"

Even after he got An Lin, Lin Fan's, and other systems he still wasn't satisfied? If one could hear him they would go and lecture him for hours.


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