Hate System
148 Chapter 148
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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148 Chapter 148

Chapter 148-Beauty of friendship and the horror of hate

Zed summoned the black brick he got from Lin Fan and increased its size so it can fit 5 people.

Zed bought via the system store 2 buckets of water and threw them at Andrew and IDiablo.

"ahahaha it hurts!"

"Ah, can't you be gentler? I fought with my life on the line for you remember?"

"Yeah Yeah good work"


"Now get on the brick and let's go"

They were a little angry because Zed treated them like this but they couldn't do anything as he was akin to a bloody psychopath if he was angry. But he was like a good friend when he was in his normal self, he was al little mean but he was very good with them. Even though he treated them like this he still saved their lives from Gabriel and put his life in danger because of them so they were secretly thankful.

As Zed was a little innocent just his mind was a little corrupted from the tyranny he has been through and his past he thought it was only natural to help them and put his life in danger for them.

Just as Zed used imbued his qi in the black brick and used it to make it fly he found that he was completely drained from qi and couldn't activate it.

Anna saw this and as a senior in this world and as a friend it was like his responsibility to help him.

"Don't need to do it, I'll do it in your stead so please just relax"

Zed felt again that weird emotion that was warm and gentle.

As they flew in the deep blue sky with the big sun a peaceful mood was in the air.

Zed put his head in Medu's lap as they flew and a breeze swept his hair.

"Ahh such a peaceful time, it was so long since I had it"

"It felt like an eternity"

"Uh, master where are we going?"

"Who know let's see where fate will get us"

"What if it's a bad place?"

"I'll destroy the fate and do a better one"


Sometimes Andrew and IDiablo felt like they had a master that thought that if he found a soldier he killed he soldier if he found buddha he would kill buddha if he found god he would kill a god.

This made them utterly silent and decided to not prolonged this subject as it was simply useless with such a type of master.

This continued onward for 15 minutes.

"Ahh I wish this moment could last an eternity"

Just as Zed indulged himself he heard something unpleasant.

"3...2...1 FIRE!"

The next moment a nuclear missile appeared in front of them.

"For real?"

Just as Zeed looked at the missile it exploded.


"Captain you got those noobs some big explosion, we gonna eat till we can't if they had something valuable on them"

"Yeah my divine bomb system is super powerful, I bet all that remained on those Noobs bodies is their inventories which we'll be a steal from with our great brother with the stealing system"

"You can count on me brother!"

Just as they were celebrating about their killed targets the smoke in the sky which was caused by the explosion ceased to be and 5 figures appeared in it completely intact.

Zed was in the middle a little black because he used his body to block the missile.

Even though he had only a little qi his body could easily resist a nuclear missile now that he breakthrough into a new realm.

"How can that be?"


"Don't ever talk in front of me!"

"You liked to attack me with a missile right?"

"Yeah what about it?!"


"System summon 1000 nuclear missiles"

|Roger that|

The next moment the sky was covered by nuclear missiles.

The group below that appeared to be a tribe was utterly stupefied.


"No going back~"







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