Hate System
149 Chapter 149
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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149 Chapter 149

Chapter 149- old times

The smoke from the explosions disappeared and it was surprising to see that the tribe survived and were under a protective shield that looked like it was about to crack.


"Ignore me run! I'll keep him"

"But boss! your shield from your ancestors is gonna break and you'll be killed then..."

"Ignore it!"


Zed was getting bored and when he saw this drama on his face he was quite disgruntled because they didn't put him in his eyes.

If they attacked him then why the fuck would they even dream about escape.




As he screamed that the boss threw a rock at Zed.

Zed didn't dodge and the stone hit his cheek leaving a little mark on it.

"Boss... we made our minds... we are gonna die with you"

"Don't be fools!"

This time the leader's voice sounded very emotional and little tears came down his face.

"Hey.... did you all forget who did you hit?"

"Don't think that because you are a little strong that there isn't any adversary that can beat you senseless! There is always someone more powerful than you in this world, someday you'll meet it and you'll get a horrible death!"

"I see... you really don't know"

Zed's voice turned chilly.

'Ahhh... here we go again'

'Ahhh big bro really like to fight a lot...'

"Let me tell you all! My name is Zed your greatest nightmare!"

"I'm the epitome of hate!"

"Take my order and appear!"

"Rainbow infinity flame-lightings nuclear missiles storm!"

The entire sky was covered in missiles covered by rainbow-colored flames with sparks of condensed lightings. It was something that could open an eye for many. But for the poor tribe that was God's punishment for their sins.

"Oh mighty god... what did we do to get something like this, are our sins so big?"

"Huh! Not even god can save himself from this why the hell are you asking him instead of him Hahaha"

With a swing of his fingers, the entire infinity of rockets fell on the tribe, this time the leader's shield was instantly destroyed by the pressure. It looked like an anvil fell on cheese which was followed by high explosions.




Just a single missile like this could easily destroy a country so one could probably imagine how big the crater of the explosion is. Fortunately, this world is close to infinite it was so big.


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