Hate System
150 Chapter 150
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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150 Chapter 150

Chapter 150-A new fellow?

"Hahaha, such a chunni name!"

"Shut your mouth plebeian I saved your life just now how about you thank me instead?"

"Pfff... Don't talk like you're an almighty immortal!"

"Am I not?"

"Yeah you're the biggest flexing immortal"


Zed pouted a little but the next moment he simply couldn't keep his amusement in him.

"Pffft... HAHAHA, you're really my friend !"


"Could you two please stop? You two look like you're on high"

"HAHA System!"

|Yes Host, I already know what I need to do \u003e:)|

"Pffft... Hahaha, what you made me do?!"

The next moment Anna started laughing like there was no tomorrow.

"HAhaha thank you system"

"HaHAHA, who's high now?"

This continued like this for almost half an hour.

"Hmph... I won't forget what you did today!"

"Hehe... Better not"


"Shh... Look"

Before she could continue her sentence Medu interrupted her.


In front of them Was some sort of Paradise.

Out of the forest were small hills.

There were some little lakes that were blue as the sapphire with beautiful fishes that were luminescent.

The grass was emerald green while the flowers were captivating. The yin energy here was very condensed.

On a small hill, a young woman sat there under a slightly bigger tree.

She had white hair, was around the same height as Zed, her eyes were even bluer than the sky and sea. Her skin was white-jade and her little lips were a little pink combined with red. Her hair length reached just a little past the shoulders.

She was captivating to look at, she looked innocent and pure like a holy maiden made in heaven to bless the earth.

Zed unknowingly stared at her from the distance on the brick.

"Uhu... Why are you staring so much at her? Are you in love?"

Medu didn't know why Zed was so attracted to her, back on earth, and at the system battle arena was plenty of girls more beautiful than this but Zed didn't even care before he killed them instantly.

"Stupid retard, why could I fall in love?"

Zed said that but his face was red and he blushed, his voice was a little different from the normal.

At this moment Medu's and Anna's interest was piqued. After all, there were very rare moments they could see Zed so invulnerable so they couldn't skip this opportunity without teasing him a little.

"Aha... Is that so? Then why don't we go there to meet her?"

"Huh? Wait no! You can't do that!"

Before Zed could stop them Medu and Anna flew toward the exquisite woman.


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