Hate System
151 Chapter 151
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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151 Chapter 151

Chapter 151-A situation can change quickly

They arrived at the hill with the woman under the tree.

She was very beautiful but still couldn't compare to those they already met. She was around the upper-middle in terms of beauty.

They were just about to speak before she instantly became agitated and appeared horrified.


"Uhhh... Miss, isn't that a little too cruel to treat new people like that?"

"Yeah Yeah.... we just met and you already tell us to go"

Zed didn't say anything but he was quite dejected.

"No! No you don't understand, hurry he will come!"

"He can sense you if you're here!"

"Please! I don't want to see anyone die again in front of me!"

"Hey Hey, who is this he?"

"It's me!"

A youth that appeared to be in his early twenties appeared before them on a flying sword.

He had a ghastly smile, brown hair, brown eyes, he was around 2 meters, and wore a yellow robe.

"Hey Zed, I think we need to go this guy looks creepy it's best not to mix with those type of guys"

"Yeah yeah Zed, I totally agree with him"

Before they dragged Zed and wanted to 'escape' from this situation the youth stopped.

"Leaving already? I think you should stay here forever!"

The youth slashed with his sword and a giant green sword projection was launched toward them.

Anna who was driving the black brick used it to block the attack.



'The brick split in too?'

'How is this possible? Isn't it indestructible?'

"Ahh you destroyed the brick and it was quite valuable, also why don't you present yourself before you attack us?"

"Death people don't need to know my name, but this time I'll say it because you survived my sword projection"

"It's Bai Xian"

Zed tried to analyze him but all he could find was that he had a very powerful aura, he was around two big stages more powerful than him in terms of cultivation.

Zed leaped from the half of the cracked brick toward Bai Xian.




They exchanged 1000 moves but he found that he was at a big disadvantage, from the 1000 moves he closed around 900.

'No this isn't enough if this keeps on my friends and I will die, also her... I can't leave her to this guy'

|Use your hate as fuel?|


After he said that a black mist with black lightings appeared around Zed.

Zed eyes and mouth were black with a little black liquid coming out of them. Anyone that saw him would feel a shiver on their back.

Zed looked like he came from a nightmare or a horror movie.

"Hmph, you think you can beat me with just that power?"

The next moment Bai Xian made a sword projection which was more than quintuple than the first one. Zed tried to catch it with both hands so that it won't hit his friends. After all, he may be able to tank it but what about his friends? Will they be able to? Zed didn't want to think about it and tried harder to keep it under control.

But the sword projection's power created havoc in his body the moment he touched him. He felt like he was electrocuted. And it was strong electricity, thunders were just infants before this.

A moment later he fell while the greatly weakened sword projection fell on their friends.


The dust settled and Medu and Anna's bodies were in the crater created by the sword projection. They were just barely alive. Fortunately, the sword projection was just around 5-10% its original power otherwise they would be dead.

Zed was struggling to get up and he barely did. He stood firm and resolute like he was a war god ready to fight his last fight. Even in his pitch-black eyes could be seen as a burning fire burning within even higher filled with determination and battle intent.

Although he was severely depleted from energy and his body implored him to lie down and have a peaceful death he ignored those all and keep on standing.

'No, I need to finish this in one move, otherwise, we will all die here, but how? Even with 100% Hate fuel from me I still can't duke it out with him'

Just as Bai Xian launched his final sword projection toward Zed which appeared to be his strongest the woman appeared before Zed with a resolute look on her face.

"Luna! Get out of there"

'How could I be so blind and failed to realize that she ran from her hill?!'

Zed looked at her with a disconsolate expression and was slightly confused about why she did this but they were practically dead so everything was futile know, at least he wouldn't die alone, also he smiled at her. This was a sign of gratitude. After all, he thought she preferred death more than Bai Xian.

"It's alright... I've seen your suffering and your power"

"My name is Luna with the Purity System"

|The host of the system behind you is willing to use its power|

|Do you want to use the Purity System's power combined with your hate as fuel?|


Even if it was futile, even if it was useless he would still try!

This was the determination to live.

The next moment the sword projection looked like it was deleted. t looked like it was glitched and a second later it disappeared.

In the place where Zed sat there was a handsome man with intricate features.

One eye was pure black while the other pure white. is hair was half white and half black. e had a black Robe and had white-jade skin while his mouth was pure black. n his forehead was a yin yang symbol which was rotating constantly. round him was a Yin Yan halo which looked like it governed heaven and earth. the power behind this was gargantuan. n his arms was a beauty that looked like she fell asleep. t looked like a hero that saved a damsel in distress.

"You dispelled my strongest sword projection with a thought?! That's impossible"

Bai Xian knew well how hard it was to dispel attacks with thoughts. after all, his was a new power he could practice at his stage.but even at his stage he could barely dispel other attacks that were stages bellow him. which was quite good but in a fight with someone equal or stronger than him, t was useless.

Zed looked at the place where his brick was cracked and IDiablo and Andrew were there unconscious, he grabbed them instantly and fused them in him, after he put Luna down.

Now he had heavenly power inside him which made six heavenly wings in his back.

And he also had the devil's powers which took the form of 2 long red horns on his head.

"Ding Dong, it's time for round two Hahaha"


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