Hate System
152 Chapter 152
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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152 Chapter 152

Chapter 152-Embodiment of power

"NO, I refuse to die here!"

Bai Xian made a hand gesture and in the vast sky appeared zillions of golden swords filled with a terrifying power that's threatening to destroy everything.


With another hand gesture, all the golden swords went toward Zed with a terrifying speed.

The symbol of yin and yang rotated and resonated with heaven and earth.No rather they were forcing heaven and earth to use its power against its will.

Zed extended his black arm which was imbued with what appeared to by his intent full of depravity and destruction toward the swords.

In the next instant, all the sparkly swords went pitch black before corroding into tiny parts of black particles.

Then Zed extended his other arm which was pure white toward the black particles. They started to resonate with each other before taking again the form of swords. But these swords were different from Bai Xian's swords. They were half white and half black and on the handle was a symbol of yin and yang which was rotating fast. They also had the aura of heaven and earth in perfect harmony.

A grim expression appeared on Bai Xian's face

'Oh Shit'


"Almighty Reversal"

A mighty clap resounded withing heaven and earth making everything silent while the zillions of swords changed their directions towards Bai Xian.

"No, you can't do this!"

He wanted to flee but he couldn't compare to the swords' speed.




His body was slashed and chopped countless times by the swords already.

But despite all that he continued to persevere through this pain.

He screamed like a pig to slaughter.

He begged for mercy.

He threatened him.

He swore him.

He cursed him

But despite all that he was determined to survive.

He regenerated his body again and again.

After the swords were exhausted a man in a fissure of the earth could be seen.

His clothes were tattered and he was full of blood and sweat.

He took a divine pill from his storage ring which exuded a holy aura and chomped on it.

On the next moment, his wounds started to heal at a rate visible to the eye.

"You forced me to use this"

"Although I need to pay a heavy price for it I'll use it just for you so feel grateful!"

In the next moment, a green halo appeared above his head. It was a dark green that was filled with boundless vitality.

He grabbed his sword.

Every time he slashed with his sword cries of phoenixes and roars of dragons could be heard.

Although Zed Didn't have a sword he still had the red matter knife.


They exchanged thousands of moves in a fraction of a second.

From what was happening Bai Xian got an advantage because every time Zed sliced him he regenerated that part of his body using the green halo power.

In reality, it was using his life span as fuel to maintain that power but a being like him in a stage like his in cultivation had a high life span.

"Hahaha, How do you feel now?"

"Now that you know that everything you did was for nothing?"


Zed's eyes appeared the symbol of Yin and Yang and also a magic circle from the system which was using Zed's eyes to analyze and replicate Bai Xian's power and moves.

"Analyzing complete"


In the next moment, Zed fought better and overwhelmed Bai Xian in terms of techniques.

'No, I can't continue like this, or I'll use all of my lifespans and die'

Bai Xian offered a strong reply and fought back fiercer and for a moment he was equal to Zed again.

In the next moment, a smirk appeared on Zed's face.

"Combine the intent of my power, that woman's power and the power of IDiablo and Andrew"

|Channalizing the power in your body toward the knife|


In a split of second Zed's knife had a four-layer barrier around it which was exuding absolute power that could destroy heaven and earth in one go.

"No... No! you're using hacks!"

Bai Xian tried to flee again but Zed sliced with his knife from the distance which made a multicolored slash projection that hit Bai Xian directly.

Engulfing his entire body to nothingness forever.


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