Hate System
153 Chapter 153
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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153 Chapter 153

Chapter 153-Finding peace?

After that heaven and earth went back to normal.

A man was standing alone with a ridiculing smile while looking up at the sky.

"Is that all you got karma?"

After that, he fainted on the ground.

The white part of his body looked like it was stretching itself from Zed and flew in a fraction of a second inside Luna's body.

After that, she regained consciousness.

"Huh? What happened?"

She looked around and only saw a group of people on the ground while Bai Xian wasn't anywhere.

"oh No! What about that man?"

She saw him on the ground with a faint smile on his face.

Zed looked at her with great difficulty.

"I'm happy that you're... alright"

After mustering that his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

Luna hurriedly ran toward Zed filled with worry.

When she was close to Zed she saw that his skin was completely black but for some reason, the black color started to go into him? While his aura divided into 2 points that materialized their bodies.

"Huh Finally we're back"

"That was so exhausting"

After they were 'absorbed' by Zed they could only see what he did while only feeling very exhausting. They couldn't use their powers because Zed was using their powers. So they could only watch Zed fight Bai Xian.

They quickly explained what happened after she fell unconscious.

She was shocked. She felt like she was hearing a bedtime story.

After that, they quickly grabbed Zed, Medu, and Anna while Andrew was using his power to heal them. It worked on Medu and Anna but when he tried to use it on Zed some strange energy blocked it while absorbing his power, he felt like he was sucked dry but to no avail, Zed didn't wake up.

"I'm sorry my healing abilities are very weak and are not even one a tenth of yours. also, I'm sorry all of this happened because you've met me"

Two crystalline tears appeared on Luna's white cheks.

"Please don't cry, Zed wouldn't want to see you like this"

"Also about that healing power why don't you give it a try on him?"

"Me? I can't do it! What if I hurt him?"

"Don't be so modest I saw that you and he are quite connected by fate so why not give a try I have trust in you"

"Ok... I'll give a try but please don't expect something great to happen"

After that, she put Zed's head on her shoulders, she put her forehead on Zed's forehead.

A white powerful magic array appeared above them.

It was quite powerful but it wasn't that great compared to Andrew's.

She sent some of her unique energy into Zed.

That strange power tried to keep it at bay but after coming in contact with her power it allowed her power to go into Zed.

Zed's black skin was being absorbed by him faster now.

"It's working!"

"Thank you, god!"

"wait... something isn't right, the absorption rate is going faster and faster"

Luna looked like she was struggling to keep this on.

'I can't understand this man'

'My power is healing the body and the emotions of a human but this man's emotions were so powerful... It was like a black hole it kept absorbing more and more it looked bottomless despite that I also felt some of his emotions even tough it was only around 0.000001 I feel like I'm suffocating'

Her power although it was resonating with his power it wasn't enough. Her will wasn't strong enough to fulfill it.

A transparent dot appeared on Zed's face.

It was a tear from Luna.

"I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to save you"

Silence issued after that sentence.

All the group looked down.

At this moment a hand reached Luna's face while clearing her tears.

Everyone was shocked...

That was Zed's hand.

"Please don't cry for me..."

Did he put a faint smile filled with a sense of happiness?

Andrew and Luna's heal was just enough for him to regain consciousness for 1 a short period of time to issue a command to the system.


|Yes, host?|

"Almighty Heal!"


The heavens released a big show of multicolored lights hitting everyone exclusively Zed.

Each ray of light could even make a mortal live 100 years if they could see it.

This was one of the highest levels of healing possible.


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