Hate System
154 Chapter 154
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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154 Chapter 154

Chapter 154-A strange feeling

"Holy fuck Zed you scared the shit out of us!"

The first to burst out was Medu who was stopped by Anna.

"Please wait"

Medu was confused before looking at Luna then at Zed.

'Ah yes! How could I be so dumb to forget about this'

'I know you got this bro!'

'I have trust in you master!'

'From the moment I met you, I knew you were special so go get her'

Zed and Luna stared at each other's eyes.

Zed could see her beautiful blue eyes. They were like the most precious jewels in the world, sparkling and being delightful to look at. They were majestic and holy, they looked like they were the eyes of a celestial maiden.

Luna could see Zed's eyes which were pure black, they looked very strong, solid, and scary but at the same time you could also feel a sense of security and it even made her feel attracted to him... like he was another part of herself which was long lost somewhere and went back to her.

Those two were the exact opposite of each other but they felt attracted to each other.

There was just 1 meter between themselves when Luna started to run toward him before hugging him tightly.

Zed was taken aback by the sudden hug.


"Thank you very much!"

Before he could finish his sentence and recover from his shock she thanked him and even some little tears went down on her white cheeks.

Such a strange feeling...

'So... this is a hug?'

At this moment Zed hugged her back and even a tear could be seen on Zed's face.

After 1 full minute of hugging, they finally went back to normal.

"Uh... Luna, would you like to follow us?"


"Are you sure? The path we follow is full of dangers"

"Even if it's death I will follow you!"

"Zed... I felt your... emotions... but I won't let you struggle with them anymore! I... I will HELP YOU!"

Zed's heart shuddered for a second before beating normally.

"Silly girl..."

"Hahaha! What could possibly happen to you when yours truly is here?"

"Yep he went to normal"

"Mhm that's our Zed"

"Ahhh here I thought he would renounce to that"

"Well, what can't you expect? He's Zed after all"

"Yeah that's true"

They all nodded between themselves. After all, this was Zed who they all knew. The most insensible and narcissistic person they knew.

Luna then went to the group which was roughly ten meters behind them.

"Nice to meet you all, My name is Luna and I hope I'll get along with you all"

"Don't need to be so respectful after all we are all friends and comrades. My name is Anna by the way"

"The guy over there is named Medu he's a bit slow when it comes to thinking and he is also a little pervert but he is a good guy"

"Hey! I heard you"

"That little devil there is named IDiablo, he may have a hot temper but he is good"

"And finally that little angel who has a holy aura is Andrew he is a good guy most of the time but beware because he is very tricky sometimes"

"Ahem thank you but I preferred the introduction without the last part of it"

They sat on that small hill that Luna originally stayed when they came, but this time over a blanket.

It was a peaceful environment with good air to breathe, the weather was sunny.

"Umm... so how old are you, Luna?"

"I'm 18 years old"

"You're the same age as Zed"

'It was also the same age as Medu but he was a little younger than Zed + he didn't want to ruin the moment'

"Is it?"

A small blush appeared on the pure white cheeks of Luna

Zed also looked on his left while blushing slightly.

"How long did you get trapped here by that bastard?"

"From when I was 10... He saw that I was beautiful and knew I would grow beautiful so he used his father's powers to legally abduct me... more correctly he forced them to"

"8 years huh? I'm sorry if I made you remember you some bad things"

"Also are your parents still alive?"

"No... after he forced them to give me to that bastard they refused and that bastard's father killed them because of that"

A pained expression appeared on Luna's face.

Zed aura was getting colder and colder. His murderous intent roared in him.

'Kill! Kill! KILL!'

'No, I don't want to use that power which may hurt my friends again!'

"Is he still alive?"


"That's all he did right?"

A more painful expression appeared on her face.

"Before they killed my parents he ordered his men to **** my mother while beating my father to death and they threw their corpses at the wild animals after it was done"

This time a little tear came out.


It was silent for a second...

Zed aura was cold as ice. If he touched the sun right now he could turn it to ice.

His aura looked like an emperor of frost which descended on this world to kill all the injustice.

But it was soon devoured by the raw hate energy inside him which devoured it making it stronger.

His eyes which had little rays of light were pure black and his skin was getting white and whiter while his eyes and mouth blacker.


Zed aura exploded before he flew toward a certain direction

"Zed where are you going?"




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