Hate System
155 Chapter 155
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Hate System
Author :TheZombiRo
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155 Chapter 155

Chapter 155-The hate can grow over time

The rest of the group also followed promptly to stop him. After all, if his son was that powerful his father also need to be extremely powerful.

"Why is he like that?"

"Ahh, Mis... This is one of the bad things about him, if he doesn't like something even if it's a god or the devil himself he will just do what he wants, he is even irrational at some times, and he is also cruel to his enemies and a battle addict"

"True everywhere we went we fought he is like a battle addict, I wonder what had he been through to become like that?"

IDiablo and Andrew remained silent and could only remember when he fought them.

For some reason, their blood boiled and they were filled with adrenaline, itching to fight and serve their master to even the lowest levels of hell.

Their fighting spirits were rejuvenated by these thoughts and they were more than ready to sacrifice for him.

"So what? Isn't that just another primordial god or something?!"

"Why the fuck would we care! Win or die trying that's the reality of this world!"

"What happened to the two of you? Did Zed do something to you? You two are becoming more like him"

At the end of their discussion, a majestic yellow palace floating in the air at the level above the clouds appeared before them.

A black dot in the distance could be seen flying at high speed toward the castle.



He shattered the defensive formation around the castle and crashed through the floor inside the palace.

"Who dares to disturb me?"

"Ooo mighty shit head come the fuck out and greet me you piece of eternal shit!"


A giant golden projection imbued with primordial lighting which looked to be perfectioned in a dao way crashed toward Zed at an astonishing speed. The power it emanated was even superior to that of Bai Xian.

Zed' response to that palm was just looking up at it before...


Zed launched a colossal fist that shattered the palm like it was made from cotton.

"How? No... Who or what exactly are you?"

"Identify yourself"

"Isn't it rude to ask for someone's name before saying yours?"

"... My name is Tao Xian, now then what's yours?"

Tao Xian was a little shocked but he regained his composure.

"My name is Zed"

"Why have you come here?"

"To. Kill. You!"

Zed's voice was a little distorted by the hatred he had in him.

His hatred grew much stronger from the last's battle and it kept getting stronger and stronger than last time.

His body color suddenly went pure white. His eyes went black while black liquid came out of them and his mouth became black but only red gas could be seen around it. He looked like a demon that came from hell. Wait he already came out of hell...

Despite this Tao, Xian looked like an old man dressed in yellow but he had an imperial aura of the heavenly dao of lighting and was ready to fight with his life on the line.

"Hahahaha it was such a long time since I fought with youth, good a battle to the bitter death then!"

"I'm one the 7 Holy Leaders of the Path of Cultivation, I pursue the path of lighting I stand at the pinnacle of the world, the seven of us could even fight it... The System God, one us and... the long lost systems that even shattered the very existence itself but they disappeared a long time ago..."


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