High elf in dxd
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High elf in dxd
Author :Unreliablewon
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3 Population+

The birds singing in the forest eventually wake Emily.

When she wakes up she is stunned to find a man hugging her sleeping body on the floor.

Her eyes nearly bulged out of there sockets thinking he looks just like the man that i drempt, oh fuck it wasn't a dream.

A few minutes later the shock she received from the new reality slowly fades. And she tries to stand and surprisingly she could stand and walk fine. She looks at her still sticky body and then down at the mans member she finds it strange. The fact that shes able to stand let alone walk, After a bit of contemplating she decides to go shower and clean herself off.

Walking towards the bathroom she looks back at the large long eared fellow and thinks it shouldn't be so bad....

Entering the bathroom she looks at her self in the mirror still naked, Her raven black hair disheveled her beautiful yet aging face that she saw prior was now looking younger, quite a bit younger... I look like a twenty year old again!!! Guess sex truly gives women a glow... Even a middle aged one like myself.

She continues to look at her face her eyebrows still sharp and black as ever.

Her nose beautifully adds to her face, her lips full and her emerald eyes shining in a new light

Her skin losing its wrinkles becoming smooth.

She looks down at her breasts that were originally starting to sag a bit even though she lead a healthy lifestyle age doesn't let any one off... Her breasts now stand slightly perky and the size well they are still the same old c cups.

Her belly flat and her ass plump as ever.

She quickly shakes her stunning face and jump in the shower quickly cleaning herself off.

As she exits the shower she notices the man still sleeping. Sleeping on the floor.

She quickly goes and tries to wake him strangely enough hes not responding to verbal waking so she decides to shake him a bit.

As shes doing so the man grabs her waist and lays her next to him still in a sleep like state, after a while of laying next to him she tries pinching his thigh.

"Guh What was that for?"

Not letting me go

"Your'e mine and i don't let go of whats mine"

What do you mean yours??!!

"Iv'e implanted you with my seed and it seems like it's taken root so now your'e mine"

S S see seed??? Do you mean i'm pregn Pregnant!!????

"Yes you will birth my first child"

Oi don't lie to me i'm infertile.

"Oh but i'm extremely fertile"

She stares at me suspiciously and tells me to follow

She leads me to a room filled with clothing. And i stand there waiting to see why i'm here i find her gathering clothing... eventually she comes up to me with something she calls sweat pants and tells me to wear it..

And so i do but i didn't expect them to be this tight well it doesn't matter.

After she gets dressed she asks me have you seen my keys and so i matter of fact ask.

"What are keys?"

Ah found them never mind lets go she says as she heads outside through the door.

after a quick walk she takes me to a strange shiny square thing.

Telling me to get in i wonder why? but iv'e got nothing better to do than make sure that child stays safe.

After getting in she takes something out and says iv'e gotta make a call.

Emily" Go buy a pregnancy test and bring it to my office"

Emily " yes now quick get to it."

after shes done talking she starts doing something and all the sudden i hear a slight roar and feel a vibration

And so i look at her strangely and ask.

"What is this did you cause it?"

this is a car and were heading to the city so sit tight.

"A car?" * i'm going to have to gain more knowledge about this world...*

After a while of 'driving' as Emily calls it i started seeing more cars and eventually lots of buildings as well.

We came to a stop next to one of the building and she gets out i follow her cant have anything happen to her.

As i walk next to her people stare at me intensely or at my new pants i guess they look good on me.

We soon reach a metal wall than opens up revealing another cube we enter and she pushes a button causing the cube to shake and move i don't enjoy this feeling...

Soon the cube stops shaking and the door opens revealing a large desk with a small box on it.

she picks it up and stares at it intensely and then turns to me and back to the box before carrying it off to a slightly smaller room.

She takes her panties off and lifts her skirt. and slowly reaches for something within the box she takes out a weird white stick thingy and releases a yellow liquid upon it after looking at the thing she wipes her self off with something goes and washes her hands and takes my sweat pants off i wonder why?

oh it seems she wants my dragon to stand tall and so it does she puts her mouth on my dragon and iv'e got to say it was a heavenly feeling but i quickly notice only a small part of my dragon is enjoying this feeling and so i lightly grab the back of her head push slightly

Gugh guh guh kuh huj

Ah this is nice as i'm thinking that she stops sucking upon my dragon i look at her and ask.

"why'd you stop"

She doesn't respond but only breathes in and out heavily

Uhnn huuu uhnnn huuu

I quickly crouch down ask if she was okay???

After a while she stopped breathing so ruggedly and.

Don't treat me so roughly i nearly died!!

Congratulations your'e gonna be a father

"I know"


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