Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
86 Dungeon diving in another world II
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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86 Dungeon diving in another world II

The next morning, I found myself in a wide carriage that had the most comfortable seats that the cars in my world could not even compare. The princess was sitting opposite me in her veil as she looked out to the procession outside of the carriage.

The carriage had a see through function where the people inside could see the outside as it was a clear window, but those outside only saw the luxuriously made materials of the ride that was now attached to a magnificent horse. We were just a few steps away from the bottom of the bridge leading to the Snowy Peak as the carriage we were in was followed by many others like it, heading towards the large fortress wall in the distance

The Princess seemed to have planned for many things as I could see various merchants and mercenaries coming along with us, as well as the Royal Guards that were valiantly defending from threats atop their horses. I could see the figure of Ryner that made me chuckle, as he seemed to have transformed into the most perfect Princess Knight that continued to gaze at the carriage we were in frequently.

"There are a few counties and dukedoms in our surroundings that face harsher winters with less food, but each of them have their own specialties that we can trade with. I can already see that you plan to go delve into the dungeons alone, so I'll be keeping myself busy while you do that."

I felt like I could see a smile behind that veil as the princess spoke without worry, the barriers surrounding this carriage making it so that no sounds came out. She wore a thick white dress with glistening fur on her shoulders, clothing that was commonly seen on the people in this kingdom that always lived in cold winters. I liked how the girl quickly caught on as we began the journey outside the Frozen Kingdom.

The procession of carriages quickly made their way out of the large gates as they paved their way across snowy roads. I was comfortably sitting in the carriage with the Princess that continued to describe the things we were seeing even without me asking


"What? My little sister is making a trading trip?"

A surprising move had occured from the little rat that continued to evade my traps. Making a trip to surrounding counties at this time? Don't you know that dangerous things can happen in the outside world where many bad people move around?

A gleeful smile broke out of my face as I thought of this opportunity that would never have presented itself before. What had happened to cause you to do something this reckless huh? Did the number of pitiful rank S guards around you really make you think you were fully protected? 

Lets see what is giving you this newfound courage to prance around without worry!


The first place the procession of carriages stopped at was a place called Valen County. It took a few hours to get to this place as I learned more about the surrounding places near the Frozen Kingdom

Valen County was famous for its textiles and exquisite clothing, so the merchants in this procession would start doing business here first. The county had a few dungeons in its surroundings, with the highest one being the rank A dungeon, [Floating Pentagons].

The Princess was planning to provide assistance and talk with the leader of this county as she tried to expand her influence. I would dive into this brand new dungeon for the first time and see just how different they were compared to the ones I have been used to.

Before I left the carriage, Princess Adelaide handed me a small twinkling piece of metal.

"This works as a way to communicate if something ever pops up. If it blinks orange, then something serious that could endanger us might be occurring. If it glows red...well hopefully it never comes to red."

I accepted the piece of metal and told her not to worry too much, I would only spend a few hours in the dungeon. I could most likely clear it in under 20 minutes if it was anywhere near the dungeons I have been used to, but the goal was to enter this secret area where I would be alone to spam and raise my offensive rank S skills, so spending a few hours would be required

I let the princess leave the carriage first and activated my many hiding skills and added mana to activate the rank S veiled suit before stepping out myself. She was received by a plump man who began talking to her fervently while I went toward the dungeon she mentioned.

The monolith of this dungeon was much bigger than the rank A ones I knew. There were dark doorways instead of squares to place your hands on, and I walked into one of these dark doorwars, entering the first dungeon in this world.

[Floating Pentagons] was just as its name suggested. I was transported into a wide pentagon that was floating in the skies with complete darkness all around me. The only other points of light were four other pentagons similar to this one floating not too far away.

Monsters began materializing on all the four pentagons but the one I was on, where four humanoid rhinos came to life and went towards the center of the pentagon that held a runic circle.

The moment they stepped on this runic circle, they disappeared from their pentagon and all four monsters appeared in the middle of the pentagon I was in. I smiled at this new environment as I began by summoning my Virulent Abomination and started casting multiple offensive rank S skills

Thunder and molten flames roiled about, as well as flaming spears and blasts of cold that froze everything. The goal was to nonsensically spam every single skill continuously for the time to come until they reached 100 proficiency. 

I made sure to keep the bodies of monsters that continued to materialize from the four other pentagons and were transferred to the one I was standing in so that I could raise up and use [Profane Eruption] too.

From the first four humanoid rhinos, there came 8 more in a few minutes, then 16 more after that, and then 32. They kept on doubling as time passed, until 64 monsters kept on appearing every 10 minutes. If your hunting party couldn't handle the old ones fast enough, you would soon be overwhelmed and find yourself dead.

I cleared them way before the new ones even came and continued to spam my skills as I watched the proficiency numbers rise in real time. [Profane Eruption] was truly deadly, as the bodies of dead monsters exploded in a shower of poisonous gore that blasted anything near, creating even more corpses. I made sure to target the skill to activate on a single corpse each time and not explode all the corpses at once so that I could activate it multiple times.

I had completely gone into an insane mode of constant spamming that I lost track of time, completely not realizing when a huge 10 meter tall colorful humanoid Rhino that was most likely the BOSS become blasted as soon as it appeared by the surrounding skills

A large green crystal rose in the floating pentagon I was in while I felt a flow of information enter my brain. This was...the random skill adventures received after clearing a dungeon for the first time in this world?

The information entered my mind and instructed me on how to manipulate essence into an applicable form to cast the skill [Cook- As long as it is activated, any dish you make will turn out delectable]. I felt a ringing as this new skill appeared on my attribute panel as a rank A skill, but it was such a different skill from what I was usually used to that I laughed. But the purpose of me entering this dungeon wasn't for the clear skill I would receive for the first clear. Although the skill did seem interesting, and I would try it when the chance came. For now, I would spend the next few hours in this dungeon raising proficiencies and combining skills. 


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