Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
121 Spiritual Lands I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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121 Spiritual Lands I

Gremory himself had very little knowledge of these Spiritual Lands, as the demons classified them as the Beast World's Unique Treasure that promoted the strength of its inhabitants.

Some major worlds had exceptional Unique Treasures that made them powerful and stand out in the universe, one of the examples being the system of 72 Rulers of the Demon World that were near impossible to truly kill.

The Beast World had Spiritual Lands as its Unique Treasure, or so the demons thought. Spiritual Lands were one of the things that stopped their advances into the Mythical Kingdoms from continuing as the powerhouses defended themselves with hordes of beasts as well as many other features from higher tiered Spiritual Lands.

The Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land I had obtained was currently still very small in size, hidden amongst piles of snow as I, the beasts, and thousands of [Defiled Corpses] were safely staying inside as if it was our own small world. 

Since [Memory Plunderer] worked on the body of the Demon King, I wanted to give a try to another object. Nothing occurred when I activated it with the [Power Jewel], so let's see if this object that was a Spiritual Land would be any different. I prepared myself for another potentially headache-inducing experience after just coming out of the first one. 

I placed my hand on the clear ground of the Frozen Plateau as I felt the strong connection intensify, and I activated [Memory Plunderer] once again. A red light shined again, and became even brighter as this Spiritual Land became the first object that I could obtain memories from.

This was a very abstract concept as I pondered on objects that could be considered to have memories. It was much hazier than the memories of the Demon King, and they came in small amounts as I saw some of the history of the Frozen Plateau.

Many things about its formation, plants, beasts, and the continued condensing of essence that made a lot of fantastical things possible passed through my mind. Soon enough, the scene of the transparent red woman came out as I watched how she underwent the process of upgrading it from tier 1 to tier 2.

[Frozen Plateau-2]

Beasts: F-XXX, E-XXX, D-23,620, C-8753, B-4876, A-411, S-79, EPIC-19

Plants- Whitefall Trees. Available for planting(Snow Vine, Sacred Rye…) 

Features- Size Regulation(Unlocked), Movement(Unlocked), Anchor(Unlocked), Boost Surroundings(Locked), Architecture(Locked), Frozen Barrier(Locked), Offensive Maneuvers(Locked), @#$@%(Locked), Time Dilation(Locked), !@##$(Locked)...

Upgrade- Conditions not met. @%%^#$

The numbers of beasts had increased as the [Defiled Corpses] that the Holy Blight controlled were placed into the ranks of beasts, no matter if they used to be demon, beast, or human. 

After going through some of the memories, I started with the Plants, as they were actually one of the important factors.


Whitefall Trees :: Fond of the cold nature, they leave behind a beauty that many creatures enjoy. Time until maturity- 5 months.

Snow Vine :: Plants that thrive in the cold. A collection of Snow Vines growing together is conducive for the growth of all ice attribute beings. The fruits they yield help cultivate the power of beasts born in the Spiritual Land, the effects are heavily reduced for anyone else. Time until maturity- 8 months. 

Sacred Rye :: A grain that very few get the chance to enjoy. Slightly strengthens the body, boosts mana sensitivity momentarily, and relieves negative effects. Time until maturity- 1 month. 

The plants that could be cultivated in Spiritual Lands were one of the main ways to raise the power of the beasts that were born from the condensing of essence in this land. Once the ranks of the beasts were raised, as well as another factor being met, the tier of the spiritual land would be upgraded and more functions would become available. 

I started off slowly and selected [Snow Vine] first, as it was the one that directly boosted the beasts' power. A spectacular scene played out after where fields of empty snowy lands on top of the Spiritual Land were presented in a blue holographic outline in front of me. 

[Snow Vine] :: Time until maturity- 8 months.

This fantastical and game-like sight made me sigh in amazement as I wanted to try out even more things. The first thing though would have to be the non-standard skill I gained from the rank S dungeon some time back though.

I sent a command and my figure was transferred into the snowy field where the [Snow Vine] were just planted. The seeds were spread out wide on a large acre of land as it seemed the plants would be similar in size to the [Whitefall Trees] that populated the Spiritual Land currently.

I looked at the clear field of land as I cast [Budding Farmer] on this Frozen Plateau for the first time. A blinding blue light flashed as essence condensed in the location and the skill finished, and I watched in wonder as the seeds that were just planted in the ground trembled before they sprung up. A tremendous amount of essence roiled about as all of this occurred.

Saplings could be seen growing at a visible speed as the formation of beautiful collections of vines began to make themselves apparent. The vines were white in color, holding small pointy ends that shone dangerously in the light. Small blue fruits could be seen growing sparsely on the many vines that sprung up in the acre of snowy land. I checked the panel for the plants yet again.

[Snow Vine] :: Time until maturity- 4 months.

I had to shake myself out of my stupor as I saw the period of maturation for the plants go from 8 months to 4 months. Now the question was, if I continued casting [Budding Farmer], just how much further can I bring down that time? 

[Budding Farmer] was cast multiple times after that, where I found the skill to be taking an exorbitant amount of mana that even the LEGENDARY [Sigil of Hegemony] had less energy usage than the skill that propagated the growth of plants. This was my first time coming across a lower-ranking skill that took more energy than another skill 2 ranks above it.

I visibly observed the continued growth of the [Snow Vines] in front of me as the blue fruits growing out sparsely shined more and more, becoming even larger. This process continued until I was presented with the sight of five-meter tall white vines with large blue fruits standing gloriously in the formerly blank snowy field. I checked the Plants section yet again.

[Snow Vine] :: Time until maturity- 2 weeks.

2 weeks. From a period of 8 months that the fantastical plant needed, it was brought down all the way to 2 weeks. No matter how many more times I cast [Budding Farmer] on the now populated acre of land, I couldn't reduce this number anymore. It seemed some time still had to pass before such treasures could be ripened. 


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