Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
148 Fiendish beasts appear in the stormy seas
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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148 Fiendish beasts appear in the stormy seas

Martial Uncle Softsword glared imposingly at the figure of a mixture of human and fish. The being let out wild power that was at the same level as his Rebirth Realm, making him ponder just how these natives cultivated to reach such a stage that he spent years to reach.

Their powers were rough yet powerful, they didn't seem to understand laws or the dao of the world they were in, and yet they were supported by it at the same time. For this trip, he bought many disciples of the Mountain Sea Sect to look for the Supreme Treasure in this world that would act to boost his sect to the top position in the World of Cultivation.

The Supreme Treasure, Trident of Neptune, had high affinity and unknown spectacular abilities for anything to do with water. For those that focused on pondering the Law of Water, it was a paramount treasure.

The disciples he brought included the three purple-robed disciples at the Violet Core level, as well as tens of disciples at the Gold Core realm, and hundreds of disciples at the Nascent Core realm.

Such a team was more than capable of taking down smaller sects, and yet it seemed the battle in front of him would bring some trouble. Besides the unrefined power the natives let out, they had weird weapons and ships that let out powerful blasts that could pierce the defenses of those at the nascent realm as if it were nothing. 

Martial Uncle Softsword was now faced with a choice as he watched the ensuing battle. If he participated and went all in, it would be a point of no return, and the casualties might be heavy. 

His face hardened as he recalled the divination about the Supreme Treasure, and the rise their Mountain Sea Sect would have if they got their hands on it. 

'Hmph, what is there to worry about natives that have no understanding of the dao. Today I shall grant them some enlightenment!'


A droning sound rang out as wild energies moved, the seawater around the MYTHICAL ranked, or Rebirth Realm Cultivator, seemed to tremble and shake as this being began moving. 


The Golden Commander on the other end, the MYTHICAL ranked Merman hoisting a trident fully black in color stood imposingly as he watched the oncoming invader. The air of arrogance was so palpable around him that he wanted to knock the cultivator off the high chair he put himself in.

The trident in his hand pointed forward as the water churned, quickly solidifying and forming into a solid wall that completely withstood the impact of the attack from the cultivator. Both of them used the sea around them for their attacks, meaning that this battle would be a long one unless something drastically changed.

Blue Lasers continued to shoot out from the [Plasma Guns] in the hands of Atlanteans as the Merfolk piloted the deadly submarines to veer around the water and blow up anything that neared. 

A signal for reinforcements had already been sent out to nearby cities, and help should be arriving within the hour. But how much damage would be done by then?

The trident in his hands was rotating powerfully and causing the water around him to form into a shield that sucked in all the attacks. He was about to give commands to bring out even more advanced weaponry from the city when a change occurred in the battle.


Essence roiled as powerful new auras could be seen appearing in the battlefield and attacking any nearby cultivators. Vibrations of a battle cry were spreading far as multiple beasts of LEGENDARY rank appeared and caused blood to flow into the deep waters.


A sleek penguin that teleported across the battlefield continued to cause chaos, taking down any EPIC cultivators he came across. There was a large white mamba snaking across the waters as it swallowed whole and constricted anything it caught to death.

Many of these sorts of beasts appeared and caused chaos, but the most dangerous of all was a white-furred beast hoisting a deadly sword. The beast had two horns growing from its head, being more than 8 meters large and looking like a mixture between a human and bear. 

The instant the beast appeared, one of the purple-robbed cultivators that was at the LEGENDARY rank felt a cold sword pierce through their body, the destructive energies disabling any of his defenses as his muscles and bones were shredded. 

Disciple Bob had fallen.

The [Fiendish Sword Beast Transformation] had made its appearance in front of both Merfolk and Cultivators. This wasn't simply an incarnation that wrapped around the body of the user, this was a full transformation that changed the user's body. Powerful strength emanated from the Fiendish Best as the sea around it solidified to chunks of ice. Its blade was pointed towards cultivators as it floated imposingly in the sea.

Martial Uncle Softsword saw the death of the Violet Core Realm disciple and howled out.

"Beast, you dare intrude and take the life of a disciple from the Mountain Sea Sect?!"

The full power of the MYTHICAL ranked, or Rebirth Realm cultivator, exploded out as a huge loss occurred on their side. The cultivators evaded the newly appeared beasts and tried congregating together with the Martial Uncle in the lead. 

"Disciples of the Mountain Sea Sect, do not falter at the enemy's ambush and fight back! Lend me your energies, get into the formation and help me activate the Mountain Sea Sect's Sixth Style- Dragon Form!"


There was a dense collection of essence as the cultivators grouped up against the newly appearing enemies. Lasers continued to shoot out from the Atlanteans using plasma guns while even more Merfolk were shooting out beams of light from their tridents.

The Golden Commander went towards Noah's figure of the Fiendish Beast as he breathed out in relief. 

"I can sense the Champion's Trident on you brother, thank you for coming to our aid."

The MYTHICAL commander was careful as he saw this power that he had never seen any Atlantean or Merfolk display before, but the familiarity of the token of Champion could not be misplaced, so he sent a telepathic message to probe. His face became even calmer after receiving one back.

"It is something minor. We must stand together against invaders. Come on, let's work together to take down these cultivators!"

A telepathic message shot out from the body of the Fiendish Sword Beast as the cultivator's formation came to full view.

[Mountain Sea Sect's Sixth Style- Dragon Form], was fully activated.


The water around the cultivators warped and condensed, using the many cultivators as nodes, multiple points of blue light forming and coming into the shape of a majestic dragon. 

The MYTHICAL ranked cultivator was letting out powerful energies as he stood at the head of this transparent Water Dragon, the blue light around him outshining every other cultivator in the formation. The dragon became fully formed as shining blue scales covered its entire body. A resplendent Blue Dragon had appeared in the deep seas.


Merfolk and Atlanteans on one side, a deadly formation of cultivators on the other, the two sides clashed!


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