Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
157 World Connection
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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157 World Connection

Noah spent the next hour after that being shown around even more places, even visiting one of her apparently favorite restaurants before the mermaid Ula dropped him off in an exquisite lodging for Atlanteans. The futuristic house was surrounded by a bubble of air, and inside it were multiple Atlanteans dressed in servant clothing that attended around the house. 

Noah gave his farewell to the mermaid that was extremely welcoming as he toured the lodging, looking forward to most likely finding all of the blueprints of these buildings and architecture he observed here appearing in his Spiritual Land. 

He let the attendants that were moving around the lodging know he wouldn't be needing them, and he finally let out a breath as he found himself alone once more. He looked around the house for a few more minutes before going into one of the rooms that held large soft bedding, where he closed the door and his figure disappeared. 

He had received a message some time back that something that needed some time to successfully occur would finally be happening. He had a few days before the next round of selection to see who was capable of becoming a Seeker of Atlantis occurred, so before that he planned to go back to a place he had promised to go back to frequently. It had already been over a week since then, and he wondered how things were going. 


A dazzling woman dressed in a light blue dress lined with fur was staring out from the terrace of a large manor atop a floating peak in the sky. It was a scene that would be a young man's dream as the fair woman looked with forlorn and a bit of frustration, her mind seemingly thinking of many things.

It was late at night, so she let out a sigh as she turned around to head back into her room when something dazzling occurred. Her eyesight that was only looking at the darkness and a few lights leading further into the manor found the world in front of her turning a bright shade of gold.

Her frustrated expression was instantly wiped away as the figure of the man she was thinking about appeared in front of her. She wanted to say many things, but before she even had the chance she found their two figures shifting locations and appearing in a unique place she hadn't been to in a while.

They appeared inside the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land as Noah moved in advance to escape prying ears. A light smile was on his face as he adopted an apologetic expression on his face.



A light impact resounded beside the location just outside the futuristic modern house in the Spiritual Land. Adelaide had jumped onto Noah's body, tightly grabbing him and not letting go as her worries eased.

"Haha, sorry I didn't come back even sooner. How's everything?"

Noah pulled her from his chest as he wanted to check how things were developing so far, before preparing her for a big surprise that would be happening sometime soon. 

The Queen of the Frozen Kingdom looked up as she observed Noah and the exquisite architectures around them. She didn't reply as she grabbed his hand and led him into the futuristic manor in front of them, her face that of someone on a mission.


The Frozen Kingdom had continued its rapid period of development with the boom in the agricultural sector that allowed them to establish trade with the Mythical Kingdoms of the Beast World. 

There were a variety of products they exported, but their most profitable ones were the products made by the [Sacred Rye] that was planted in the Spiritual Land. With no forces placing them at war, it was a period where everyone strengthened themselves while working harder to prepare for any similar scenarios in the future.

The Frozen Kingdom traded for specialty products of other kingdoms as well as gaining an abundant inflow of cores that continued to strengthen their people. Expansion of the kingdom continued as more and more humans and beastmen came to establish themselves in the Frozen Kingdom, the policies of the old king of accepting people of all races still increasing the workforce of the kingdom.

Adelaide was sitting on a fluffy couch with a thick book in her hands as she looked to be in a happier mood with all her frustrations gone. She had on light blue bloomers and a tank top as her abundant blue hair messily rolled down to below her shoulders.

She was talking while looking over the many things written in the thick book, Noah's head resting on her thighs with his eyes peacefully closed as he listened. 

It was a calming scene to look at as the pitter-patter of little feet could be heard, and an arrogant miniaturized penguin appeared with a large tray of already matured and cut up [Pigmy Melons] and the ice-blue fruits from the [Snow Vines].

Adelaide's fair hand reached out to grab some fruits as she continued to talk, the sleek penguin retreating to the side as it stared at the figure of Noah blissfully lying on the Queen's lap with contempt.

It seemed like the higher-ups of the Mythical Kingdom had already made contact with Adelaide, especially the powerhouse of the Mythical Phoenix Kingdom that had visited to look for Noah. 

The expansion and advancement of the Frozen Kingdom was overall continuing to do well as the days passed, and it would only go faster from here. 

Noah's resting eyes snapped open as he received a message and then began feeling the area around him begin trembling. 

The project that two worlds were undertaking these past few days was finally coming to fruition. A significant amount of time was put in this time around to reduce risks as much as possible, and the final touches were being put in place now as the process finished. 

At that instant, a blinding white light briefly covered the Beast World, as well as Noah's homeworld. When the white light passed, surprising changes began to occur, even more so in the younger world that initiated the connection. 

The changes in the Beast World would be just as surprising though, because when things settled down, the inhabitants of the Beast World began seeing new things in their line of sight. 

Noah observed the settling of essence around them as he turned to the surprised Adelaide and said,

"Do you see something in the corner of your eyes?"

The Queen thought she couldn't be anymore surprised, but found her mouth opening blankly as she saw a status panel for the first time in her life. Her newly risen strength of Epic rank was clearly shown with all of the skills she had been using, and even more new things as her eyes passed through the spectacular panel and she read things like [Skill Combination].

The connection between the two worlds was successfully established, and the system of power that the inhabitants of Noah's blue planet enjoyed had now appeared in the Beast World as well. 

The ways that the inhabitants of the Beast World raised their strengths would also become accessible to the humans in Noah's world, and the spectacular feature of traveling across the two worlds would soon be established to become the norm sometime in the future.

The two worlds were rapidly changing as a new age was being ushered in. 


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