Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
171 Scheming using stolen memories!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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171 Scheming using stolen memories!

Her playful tone completely changed as beside the blazing sun already in place, another one began to erupt right after, a deadly cold voice coming out of her fair mouth.

"You just had to go and fucking ruin my day while I was having fun. I'm gonna rip your limbs and cook them in front of your dying face, little fish."

Her voice was now laced with poison as the blinking green lights around the sea surrounded the Spiritual Land. Her figure carrying two golden suns neared as a terrible aura spread out, the 7th Ruler of the Demon World had now gotten serious. 

"I didn't mean any disrespect, and just wondered why you still choose to be under his heel with a power of this level."

Barbatos's figure stopped at these words as the barrier that covered the Spiritual Land began fading away. Noah looked at this as his heart palpitated, and he used [Size Regulation] to return the Spiritual Land to a miniature size while using [Anchor] to attach it on his body yet again.

His large draconic figure appeared in the open waters again as he stared at the now wrathful Barbatos that was carrying two suns. He kept his apprehension inside as he spoke again.

"I can understand your compliance after he thoroughly thrashed you 437 years ago. Yet I don't recall you challenging him ever again after that. The Necromancer of Chaos that I know should have definitely fought for her freedom after all these years. So I was wondering why you would be on his treasure hunt in the Lost World and not relaxing back in the World of the Dead you've been creating."

Noah calmly weaved information that not a single soul besides the Rulers and Barbatos herself should know as he became more and more convinced about the possible success of his plan. 

He continued to look through the memories of the Demon Kings as he grasped for any more information he could weave into the bullshit he was spouting out, as well as a way to make the things he said valid. 

Barbatos heard his words as her power erupted out even more powerfully, the two suns she had summoned that were boiling and evaporating all the seawater around them disappearing as her aura became more condensed.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Noah looked at this as his heart pounded. He observed the violent expression on Barbatos's face as he replied.

"My identity is somewhat special, but it wouldn't matter to the subject at hand. I'll speak more clearly so we can communicate better. What do you think about the idea of taking down the Oppressive Tyrant who has had you underneath his feet for the past 437 years?"


The oppressive air that Barbatos released stopped as her face became impassive again. 

"You're either batshit crazy or just plain insane to be saying the words you're saying after you've barely survived against my attacks. You think someone like you can even talk to me about that bastard Baal?"

Noah's adrenaline was spiking as it seemed to be going in the direction he wanted. [Thought Acceleration] continued to churn as he grabbed details from more and more memories, especially memories of Barbatos who always spoke to her undead creatures over the years.

They were the only beings that she honestly talked to, and Noah gained the biggest boon from the Mythical Skeleton Warrior that had been with her for years. He hadn't even gotten the chance to look over and learn the two Mythical Skill Books that dropped from the Skeleton Warrior as he rapidly shifted through the many memories.

"I'm sure you've gathered that I am only at the Mythical rank. How do you think it is possible for someone of my level to be standing against you right now?"

"Standing? You will barely be on your feet if I get serious. I'll ask one last time, who the fuck are you? What, what power do you belong to?"

Barbatos replied quickly as it seemed her patience was running thin, making Noah's mind race as he thought of what bullshit identity he should give out that would give him some standing while using the memories that only her and Rulers of the Demon World were privy to, and put them to his advantage. His mind perused through the many memories as he looked at the larger worlds and powers of the universe, and his eyes shone as he found a perfect one.

"I am but a small disciple of The Celestials."


The words themselves seemed to carry power as Barbatos showed a surprised and unbelievable expression.

"The Celestials?"

This was something at the corner of Orias and Gremory's memories, a secretive power in the Universe that was the fear of many worlds. Every single one of their members was a powerhouse that struck terror to the hearts of many World Leaders, and their powers were too terrible to battle against. Very little was known about them or their aims, which was why Noah claimed this identity. 

Barbatos continued to stare at him unbelievably as he continued speaking.

"Yes. I barely qualify as a member, and was sent out on a mission that would have granted me even higher access, as well as a huge boost in power were I to succeed."

Barbatos heard this as she snorted and said,

"Oh really? And what mission, pray tell, did you receive to be here right now?"

Noah looked at this figure that seemed to be disregarding him, but he became even more convinced his plan was working as she hadn't tried killing him again. 

"Oh, my mission is simple. While the Lost World of Atlantis has beings like Baal and multiple Sects from the World of Cultivation running rampant looking for a treasure, I have to steal it right under their eyes and present it as proof for my mission to be complete. Its a fairly normal test to meet the qualification of The Celestials, don't you think?"


Barbatos was looking at him closely as he uttered these words. The things he was saying were crazy, and could be something that only the secretive force that was The Celestials would do. 

Send in a Mythical ranked being to fight for a treasure in a world where even someone like her who was at the Phantasmal level could not confidently call herself the top powerhouse. Who else but the mysteriously powerful Celestials would give such a mission to their new members? 

Barbatos still wasn't fully convinced as she eyed Noah with caution and suspicion.

There was only silence as two people looked at one another. One was claiming boastful things with a few circumstantial evidence to back up his claims, the other was carefully listening as she was led around. Which turn would the results take though?

Barbatos thought carefully as she took a bite.

"What could an Atlantean of Mythical rank claiming to be a member of one of the most secretive forces in the universe possibly do against Baal?"

Barbatos looked towards the figure of the Blue Dragon that encased an Atlantean that should in no way have the information that he held. She still treated his words like nothing, but what if there was an ounce of truth in them? What if her dream...actually had a way to be achieved? Her sharp eyes looked at this interesting enemy as she waited to see just how they would reply. 

Noah smiled brightly at this as he felt he could almost see the end of the shining path he was building just from talking. 

The pressure around Noah increased as Barbatos's voice came out even colder,

"You even know about my abilities?"

Noah's body encased in the large blue dragon still continued to feel the stifling pressure that threatened to break the form into pieces as he calmly replied his last hook that should tie this Demon Empress and give credibility to his words.


Barbatos was shocked as she heard this now mysterious figure describe and talk about things he had no business knowing. The only plausible explanation was his identity as a member of The Celestials, the beings that always held too much power and information. Was there actually truthfulness in his words? She thought carefully as she made up her mind and said,

"Since you seem to be so knowledgeable, what makes you think you could possibly say that would turn one ruler of the Demon World against another?"

Noah's figure that was hidden at the head of the Blue Dragon smiled wildly as he finished his pitch.

"Nothing big, just making your dream of getting out of Baal's shadow a reality, with the promise of Baal's death in less than..two months."

Grand and unbelievable words resounded throughout the dark sea as two figures stared intently at one another. Noah went through the years of memories from Barbatos's own undead and the experiences from Orias and Gremory as he was confident of one thing, the quality of hatred and cruelty that was ingrained in Barbatos by the Oppressive Tyrant would be his lifeboat today. 


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