Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
204 Preparations
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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204 Preparations

Beings from Noah's homeworld and the Beast World were rapidly moving around as preparations were underway for them to do something grandiose. 

The Rulers of the Demon World were heavily weakened at this moment in time with more than half of all their forces meeting True Death in the Lost World of Atlantis. There was fear and uncertainty in all of their hearts, and Noah chose this time to strike and take out those involved in causing the deaths of many beings across the two worlds.

He did not want to consider himself a senseless killer, but there had to be reckoning for those who caused senseless harm to many weaker beings based on their own motives. 

For the preparations, he had a tremendous amount of cores at the Legendary and Mythical rank, as well as many skill books and items that he and the beasts from the Spiritual Land had collected from their journey in the Lost World. Much of this loot was distributed to Kazuhiko and Steel Mikhail, allowing for these powerful individuals to be power leveled to the Mythical rank in a few days.

The remainder of the loot was handed to the remaining three Mythical Beasts that might soon lose their titles as they neared breaking through to the Phantasmal rank. The Imperial Phoenix that had helped Noah when he was still at EPIC rank not too long ago only looked in shock at Noah's appearance after she had looked for him all this time. 

The being she had looked at as having a lot of promise had actually overtaken her in strength, and in such a major way at that. When she found out that the Spiritual Land that was extremely hard to upgrade and take care of was also a rank higher than her own, she blanked out. 

As much as Noah enjoyed looking at the reactions of this fiery Imperial Phoenix, he continued to move fast as he spent some time with the Queen of the Frozen Kingdom in the Beast World. 

It didn't take long for him to travel across worlds with [Spatial Travel], and he routinely came back to spend some quality time with the Icy Queen while boosting her strength and the strength of the people in the Kingdom through the continued use of [Budding Farmer].

He did the same for the agricultural sector in his homeworld as both the United Federation and the Blessed Empire experienced a boom that allowed for no mouth to go unfed these past weeks. 

Days passed like this as many things occurred, with the core destination being the same. A sense of apprehension and excitement was in the air for the powerful humans and beasts that held strong emotions against the Demons that invaded them. 

Noah continued to look over all of these things as he moved behind the scenes to upgrade his own strength as he used the Time Space to boost up his skill proficiencies as well as take a look at the treasure that Sect Master Inuit had left behind.

[Lawful Nourishment] :: A Necklace that has a chain made of Adamantium infused with the law of air and water. It holds a circular pendant that is nearly empty. Abilities include Soul Finder, Soul Absorption, Law Nourisher, and Essence Amplification.

[Soul Finder] :: The pendant acts as a compass to point to the nearest Soul Jade of a type it does not have yet. If the pendant has every type of Soul Jade, it will point towards the type it had least of.

[Soul Absorption] :: The pendant can absorb every type of Soul Jade and improve its effectiveness

[Law Nourisher] :: The Soul Jades contained in the pendant will allow for the increase of speed of mastery and the power of laws. 

[Essence Amplification] :: A convergence of essence will occur with the Lawful Nourishment at the center. The amount of essence amplification will depend on the number of Soul Jades in the pendant. 

It was truly a unique treasure of the World of Cultivation as it showed spectacular possibilities. Inside of the circular pendant of the necklace called Lawful Nourishment, a glistening blue piece of what seemed to be the thing called Soul Jade was lying peacefully. 

It was an extremely small piece that you barely noticed it in a corner of the pendant, and this was the only thing that was present in it. Yet, the effect it had was something wondrous to observe. 

Noah looked around him as he equipped Lawful Nourishment and watched the essence around him tremble as it began swirling around the area. He observed the changes for a few minutes and found it to be more than twice as concentrated as it was before, allowing him to feel like his body was floating through the clouds. 

He spent some time manipulating the necklace and found that he could expand this area of essence convergence as well as reduce it, its effects becoming less and less the further out it was spread. The biggest boon was the fact that when he brought out the [Law Crystals] to absorb, he found that he was receiving a larger percentage than usual, making him look forward to finding more Soul Jades of different elements to add into this necklace and watch its effects become even more ridiculous.

Besides the spectacular unique treasure from the mysterious Karmic Sect Master, Noah observed the newest skills from the result of [Skill Combination] as he prepared for the grandiose invasion of the Demon World. The rising of proficiency was made even faster in the Time Space because of the unique skill, [Parallel Thought], as Noah found himself focusing on multiple skills to raise at once.

He had an unlimited amount of energy to use, and now it felt like he had two different minds to use it. His efficiency shot through the roof as his rate of combining skills that was already crazy enough before became even more ridiculous. Lower ranked skills that he just combined were combined yet again just a day or two later in the Time Space as he continued to break common norms.

The skills combined these past few days were,

Devastation + Summon Death Reaper :: LEGENDARY+ [Summon Devastating Reaper]

Summon Devastating Reaper + Whirling Frozen Death :: MYTHICAL Summon Death Lord

Healing Wings + Demon King's Banner :: MYTHICAL [Ruler's Might]

Defiance + Phasing :: MYTHICAL+ [Emperor's Defensive Maneuvers]

His strength continued to rise exponentially as preparations for their advance into the Demon World were nearly complete. There wasn't a shred of worry as he had multiple PHANTASMAL ranked beings by his side, as well as himself, who was a different monster altogether. What was left in the Demon World were a few Rulers that were not present in the Lost World, what could they do against him after he had taken down their most powerful Ruler?


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