Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
250 Who are you, really?
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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250 Who are you, really?

Celestial Drax was moving through the trembling Devilish Abode with confusion and doubt. From the fluctuations of space, he could observe that this Devilish Abode did not have too long before it folded in itself and collapsed!

But this did not make sense, as it would make his mission unachievable. His master would never hand him a mission he could not accomplish, so there was a swirl of confusing thoughts as he wagered whether to teleport out of this space and abandon his mission of looking for the Cursed Item.

The Punisher by his side stood strong as his power was ready to burst out at any moment. Drax was about to give the command to continue searching the abode a bit longer, when another command traveled through space and struck his head as fast as lightning.


"Come back!"

Golden fluctuations erupted as a thin light of light descended down the young Celestial's head and he received his head. He was shocked to hear his master's voice ring out with such sternness, and did not waste a single second a golden light wrapped both him and the punisher, their figures turning into golden particles of light as they disappeared. 

They both appeared on a location known by very few not too far from the World of Cultivation where a vibrant blue gateway was standing vibrantly. The young Celestial Drax pulled out a medallion that activated the mechanism, allowing both him and the Punisher to be sent to the location they called home. 

In the peacefully rotating star that was one of the core bases of the Celestials, the young Celestial Disciple appeared before his master again as he sank to his kneed right away.

"I have failed my task, Grandmaster!"

He kept his head low as he atoned for not achieving what he was assigned to do, while the Grandmaster in front of him looked forward with a mysterious expression.

"Someone has interfered with the workings of fate."

Shocking words were the only thing the young Celestial heard as what he heard shook him to his core! An interference with the workings of fate? That was something that very few could do!

He held skills like the Eye of Fate that could somewhat influence fate for a brief period of time, but he could never hope to interfere with the workings of fate with his level of power. So what exactly did his master mean?

"The things I foresaw were changed entirely, to the point where even you lost your life."

The Grandmaster continued to speak slowly as his aged body that let out maddening levels of power stood up to water the colorful Medicinal Plants all around the mystical monastery they were on. His aged voice turned serious as he continued.

"The one responsible for the interference is extremely adept, as they are causing the unraveling of Order from very small but important changes. I have only just begun using the Celestial Eye to observe the possible future changes and…"

He stopped watering the Medicinal Plants as his eyes gazed towards an unknown location deep on the planet they stood on.


It felt like an explosion occurred in the mind of the young Celestial as he stood up and looked forward in shock, the words coming out of the Grandmaster being so shocking that even someone of his level was terrified. 

An Infernal Lord?!

"This cannot be allowed to happen. I will begin sending messages soon to assemble our forces, with our first action being the recruitment of more powerhouses and moving up the Infernal Hunt a hundred years earlier than planned."

The aged Grandmaster said the words slowly as his attention fully turned towards the shocked disciple.

"This unraveling occurred in the World of Cultivation, and the traces of the one being used to alter fate might still be there. When things are in place, you will be accompanied by your fellow disciples back into this World, where you all will participate in the Infernal Hunt through our proxy there."

The young Celestial Drax felt his heart shake as he faced the gaze of his master, quickly rising up as he placed his right hand above his left chest and affirmed the words he just heard.

"Yes, Grandmaster. For Order and Balance!"

The words of his master continued to pass through his mind as his heart trembled at the thought of their significance. A rise of a new Infernal Lord! This was a terrifying thought, as even the current ones that were active in the Realms of Hell were tyrannical beings that only brought destruction to anything they set their eyes to. 

To prevent the rise of any new Infernal Lords, there was a commitment among many of the major powers in the Universe to routinely conduct a dangerous Infernal Hunt in the First Realm of Hell where almost all the current Infernal Lords had their beginnings. 

He had never gotten the chance to go to one before, but this chance had been moved up by a whole century because of the alteration of fate. His mind thought back to the World of Cultivation that he had just left, as he looked forward more than ever to get back to it. Chaotic undercurrents were beginning to flow slowly, and he would be one of those at the very center of it!

Celestial Drax's gaze was strong and confident as he took his leave from the monastery to prepare. 

The Grandmaster looked at this disciple as his dangerous eyes flashed with golden light, his gaze turning to the skies as he pierced through the layers of space and observed a world quite a distance away. 

'Which imbecile would interfere with fate at such a crucial juncture?'

Many thoughts and possibilities passed through the mind of the Grandmaster as he thought of the Cursed Item that would have served to bring even more order in the Universe, and this item being lost in the wind once more.

'Hmph, no matter what schemes are concocted in the dark, what are they but mere distractions when it comes to our power?'

A golden light of confidence shone throughout the monastery as the Grandmaster thought this simple thought, the surroundings releasing a burst of essence and glowing gold as if agreeing to his thoughts!


Utter and absolute confidence!

This was a sort of confidence that only came to those who believe in the surety of their power as the existence of the stars in the stellar space.

'Any who try to destroy Order will fall, this time will not be any different.'

The Grandmaster took his radiant Watering Can that released a rainbow-colored liquid filled with an overabundance of essence as he went back to watering the numerous Medicinal Plants peacefully, a scene of peace playing out on one of the Celestial Stars. 


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