Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
259 A Journey Through the Stars I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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259 A Journey Through the Stars I

Powerful forces were gathering from all around, each one holding their own goals and ideals as they all focused towards a particular location. It was an area across the vast space that was filled with ruthless beings that only sought death and destruction, it was the Infernal Realms!

In these wide Infernal Realms, the focus for many of the powerful worlds currently was on the First Hell, the Infernal Realm that was closest to them, the first realm that could very easily open its gateways into this universe.

As always, the trainees and disciples of the powerful powers were prepared as the Infernal Hunt was about to begin. Over the thousands of years, the powerful forces under the direction of even more terrifying forces behind the scenes had created this Infernal Hunt to become more of a competition than the widespread massacre of the destructive beings in the Realms of Hell.

This competitive spirit was even more apparent in the World of Cultivation as its three Supreme Sects were always fighting for power, trying their best to garner more resources from the higher powers based on how they perform on events such as this.

It was not just disciples that were given incentives and rewards to do well in the Infernal Hunt, the leaders of the different sects and powers were also incentivized by the powerful force of the Celestials behind them. The powers that made the most contributions would garner the favor of one of the few powerful and secretive forces of the Universe, while also gaining abundant rewards in the form of stupendous techniques and treasures for them to add to their collections.

Thus, the powerhouses in the Profound Astral Sect were most pleased when they saw the 'returning disciples' that would be fighting for them, the joy of those who knew the actual secrets behind the scenes being even higher, as they knew these beings were disciples of the Celestials themselves.

This was the favor that the Profound Astral Sect of the World of Cultivation received after connecting themselves with the powerful force that was the Celestials!

The other two Supreme Sects only had suspicions and unconfirmed theories as they gradually watched the power of the Profound Astral Sect continue to rise higher and higher over the years, with very few having the knowledge of their association with the Celestials.

The newly arriving Celestial Disciples looked at the numerous disciples around the main peak of the Profound Astral Sect as they serenely made their way to the section where Core Disciples were situated.

Powerful auras felt each other out as the new figures observed the auras of the Saint Realm William and Crixus, along with other disciples that were at the peak of the Transcendent Realm.

These were beings that could be called geniuses by many standards, but Drax, Athena, and the other Celestial Disciples only looked at them briefly as their gazes only passed through them, finding their own positions and looking forward to where the Elders of the Profound Astral Sect were situated.

"Quiet Down!"


A powerful sound reverberated throughout the main peak as a single bearded Elder of the Profound Astral Sect spoke. Surrounding him were a few more Elders that let out levels of power no less than his, being vigorously powerful, they were releasing a purple milky aura of the Void Fimerment Realm!

Their show of power awed the disciples as the Elder up front, the one known as Elder Spacewarp, waved his aged hands to cause a powerful ripple to appear in the skies above them. A few seconds later, the sky darkened as a tremendously large ship floated in the skies above the Steller Sky Mountains.

The large vessel could only be described as a ship as it took the general outline, with various runic markings and spreading throughout its black exterior, and powerful weapons that let out an oppressive light. 

Elder Spacewarp's eyes let out a sharp light as he laid them on the Interstellar Warship above him yet again. He very rarely got the Sect Master's permission to use this amazing piece of ingenuity, but today was a special day with the arrival of the beings that gave them this Interstellar Warship in the first place!

His gaze briefly stayed on the figure of Athena who was standing at the forefront of the Celestial Disciples as he continued.

"The journey to the First Realm of Hell of the Infernal Realms will begin now. The disciples who wish to participate can now board the ship!"


A wide section of the Interstellar Warship opened as it revealed wide doors and an exquisitely built interior. A ship like this only held a single purpose, and that was to traverse through space!

This was one of the many unique things about the place known as the Infernal Realms, They existed in locations where the powerful forces could not establish teleportation portals, and they had to travel to these locations through powerful ships like these. 

The many disciples looked at this sight with blazing eyes, but they held themselves back and remained still! They knew how things worked, and their eyes gazed upon the location of the Core Disciples.

The Shining Son, William, moved first as he nodded the five Celestial Disciples, leading the way as he flew up serenely towards the ship. The Celestial Disciples also moved next as behind them, the being with the figure of 'Crixus' moved with a mixed expression that any watching disciples and Elders interpreted as a look of determination and slight fear.

Elder Baldwin watched his son fly towards the spaceship as he nodded his head.

'Be strong, my child. Show me that you have truly regained your genius and wit!'

Elder Baldwin held strong beliefs about his son, providing him with almost all of his reserves of Spiritual Stones he had collected over the years, even wagering many of his pill making hours to other Elders of the Sect to borrow more Spirit Stones and Medicinal Herbs for his son's use to consolidate his cultivation. 

After a few days, his aura at the Saint Realm had consolidated, and Elder Baldwin had provided him with an abundant amount of Saint Techniques from the Elder's Vault of the Profound Astral Sect for him to peruse as he journeyed across the stars towards the Infernal Realm.

'Crixus' looked back towards his father briefly as he nodded, before he entered the tremendously large Interstellar Warship where powerful Celestial Disciples were calmly walking through, along with the slightly surprised William that was looking at everything with wonder.

Behind them, the time came for the less powerful Core Disciples and Inner Disciples of the Profound Astral Sect to begin boarding the huge ship, the many figures on the Main Peak of the Stellar Sky Mountains moving busily, the disciples choosing to test their lives in the Infernal Realm all boarding with enthusiasm.

Elder Spacewarp watched the process with calm eyes, and after a significant amount of time had passed, nodded his head as he observed a significant amount of disciples board the ship. He turned to the ones remaining on the mountains as he spoke out.

"Cultivate hard, and years from now you will be among the ones fighting in the front lines against Infernals, gaining power and glory like your fellow disciples that you will be looking up to!"


Excited yells were released from the disciples as they bade farewell to their heroic brothers and sisters that would brave the dangers of the Infernal Realm. 

The figures of Elder Spaceward and a few other Elders disappeared in the Interstellar Warship soon after, a rumbling ensuing across the Stellar Sky Mountains as the tremendously large piece of weaponry released abundant energy as it began moving higher and higher towards the sky.

Those within could only distinctly start seeing the world below them become smaller and smaller as they observed the environment outside of the Interstellar Warship, some still amazed at this simple feature that allowed those inside the ship to see the things outside as if there were no barriers between them.

On a more elevated area of the Interstellar Warship, the group of Celestial Disciples were situated in one of the extravagant wide spaces calmly, with the powerful Athena in the lead looking at the environment of the ship around her with reminiscence.

She wasn't the only one in deep thought as not too far away from her, Noah, in the form of Crixus, was calmly sitting down and gazing at the gradual appearance of stars with their rapid ascension, many thoughts crossing in his mind as a dangerous smile could not help but spread across his lips!

He had prepared, and prepared extensively for the journey ahead.

More than 3 months of time he had spent in the Spiritual Land under accelerated time. He had combined a tremendous amount of skills and learned new ones, looked at countless possibilities, and made plans on top of even more back up plans. Yet, he had not foreseen the appearance of a being he never thought he would meet so fast, the extremely powerful Athena, nor the reappearance of Celestial Disciple, Drax!

The [Insight] ability of the Dagger of Time had not given clues about these beings before they appeared, and their appearance could have any number of effects on the many possibilities he calculated. Yet, he still could not help but smile. 

The wide smile he could not help but release was from the fact that the events which will take place in this journey were just too...interesting!


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