Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
294 Return to the Infernal Realm!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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294 Return to the Infernal Realm!

A location that was called Hell by the denizens of stars all around it, the Infernal Realm known as the first hell was filled with droves of maddened Infernals that only sought for destruction and death.

The occasional Infernal Hunt created to reduce the ever so growing numbers of Infernals would only be conducted for a short period of time as thousands of disciples enter and massacre millions of Infernals before the hunt was concluded. 

In this dreary and fiery environment known as the First Realm of Hell, the gigantus figure of the [Lesser Cthulhu] appeared, his aura instantly making the Infernals in the surroundings buckle as they felt an oppressive force smash down which shook them to their very cores.

The Lesser Cthulhu waved his hands forth as a colorful floating landmass appeared in the skies, the beings clustered in it looking around this new environment filled with powerful auras at their ranks and even more auras that were ranks higher than theirs.

There were numerous Transcendent Rank Infernals that could be considered widespread throughout this Infernal Realm, with a few commanding Saint Rank Infernals leading the clustered hordes, and the even more powerful Void Rank Infernals that remained near the very center of the First Realm of Hell.

Coming directly into this hellish region was shocking for Kazuhiko and the others, as they could discern thousands of beings letting out the same level of power as them, with Barbatos being the only one slightly calm as she was the leading character besides Noah at the Saint Rank.

Noah's resounding voice reverberated in the Spiritual Land as his gigantic form became smaller, having fully returned back to himself even better than before.

"This, is the location where you can improve your power the fastest."

His body entered the protective barrier of the Spiritual Land as the beasts looked at him with wonder, while Kazuhiko and the others looked at him in shock after witnessing his tremendous oppressive pressure in the Lesser Cthulhu form.

Noah smiled lightly as he evaded the questions Kazuhiko had begun throwing about his skills, beginning to explain about the First Realm of Hell, Infernal Realms, and the uniqueness of the Skill Points that could be obtained from defeating the Infernals.

"Haha Skill Points? Skill Trees?!"

Kazuhiko was already jumping in excitement as he stopped looking at the Infernals like powerful enemies who could rip him apart to bundles of gifts just waiting for him to open. 

Battle spirit overtook the Harbingers in the Spiritual Land, especially the monstrous Kraken that carried immense anger in its heart. It's eyes turned red as it was ready to jump down to the blazing earth of the First Hell to start taking down these Infernals right away.

Noah smiled at the enthusiasm as he focused on his own panel and the skill points remaining as he planned to do something which would both help the people around him get stronger, while also protecting them and increasing his own power as well. His eyes instantly turned to the [Abhorred Lich Emperor] skill tree that would allow him to summon a powerful Void Rank Lich who could summon tens of thousands of Undead to fight on his behalf.

Much of his skill points were placed in the [Lesser Cthulhu] skill tree, but he had been able to collect more than 10 Skill Points after maxing every single skill of the Lesser Cthulhu, and he could place these points to reactivate and strengthen the stupid levels of strength contained in the skill tree of the [Abhorred Lich Emperor].

[Lich Lord of Abomination] (15/15):: Abilities- Summon Poison Totem(0/5), Summon Undead(5/5), Noxious Outburst(0/5), and Dereliction of the Saintly Poison Lord(0/5) \u003e\u003e [Abhorred Lich Emperor](5/30) :: Additional Abilities- Undead Legion(5/5), Will of the Undead Emperor(5/5), and Delay Death(0/5)

He even shaved off some Skill Points from some abilities that he wouldn't be using too much from the Lesser Cthulhu skill tree as he made sure to max the [Summon Undead], [Undead Legion], and [Will of the Undead Emperor] in order to maximize the strength of the Lich with its high number of summoned undead.

These three skills allowed the lich to summon a variety of high level undead and also provided damage modifiers and elemental resistances to the Lich and his summoned undead.

"Are you all ready?"

The battle spirit was palpitating in the air of the Spiritual Land as the Harbingers and Beasts wanted to get started right away.


Battlecries were already resounding from the arrogant Emperor Penguin as the commotion only got stronger!

The Icy Queen, Adelaide, stood firmly with her Shadow Guard as she would only observe the spectacular fight about to occur, choosing not to participate herself as she had never placed herself in a battlefield before, and did not wish for it. 

Noah ascertained everything was in order as he summoned the gold-green Lich with a terrifying deathly aura. Runic circles widened on the ground of the Spiritual Land as the Abhorred Lich Emperor grandly appeared, Barbatos giving a look at this being as she whistled with wonder. 


The Lich cackled as it raised its Skull Staff high, golden flames appearing on its eye sockets as essence rumbled all through them, numerous Bone Dragons, Blue Phoenixes, Sepecters,and Skeleton Knights beginning to appear in the Spiritual Land!

Noah sent a command to the Lich that its foremost responsibility would be to protect the Harbingers of Sin and the Beasts of the Spiritual Land while moving across the First Realm of Hell. 

For now, they would not go near the center of this Infernal Realm, planning to remain in the periphery as they did not want to be surrounded by multiple Void Rank Infernals at this point in time. The Lich would be able to easily handle two or three Infernals at the Void Rank with its own power and the power of its summons, but Noah did not want any accidents to occur with his people while they trained and increased their power.


The Lich screamed in affirmation and thousands of undead began to jump off the mystically floating Spiritual Land and smash onto the ground below them, already running towards the quivering nearby Infernals. 

These undead were different from the ones Noah summoned, their exterior being dreary as a fiendish black aura covered their grey skeletons, green flames burning in the sockets of the most powerful undead. 


Barbatos released a cute battle cry as she descended into the blazing earth of the First Hell riding on one of her giant Skeleton Knights, the rest of the Harbingers following the lead as they quickly joined the fray of this stupendous land filled with opportunity.

If one was looking from a distance, they would be able to notice an apocalyptic scene of thousands of undead released like a tide from a floating landmass, with large beings accompanying them as they began to rain down destruction towards any nearby Infernals!


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