Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
356 Progress, Shocking Plans
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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356 Progress, Shocking Plans

As his consciousness continued to familiarize itself with the feeling of controlling two bodies, his original one continued its way on the Prime Warship towards the 7th Celestial Star, while the Ancient Blood Clone teleported into the First Realm of Hell.

His original body would still have to be the main one he was moving with when associating with the Celestials because as the [Ancient Blood Clone] ability described, the clone was was an extension of himself akin to a limb! He could observe his stat panel and all of his skills through the clone's eyes, as well as do anything else that his original body could do.

It only held a portion of his origin that was able to use his strength, though he would have to test exactly to what extent he could utilize this clone as there were a few things to make sure of.

He had to first confirm the abilities of the clone when it came to its strength and capabilities, as well as usefulness in helping him increase the proficiency of his skills. He was thinking all of these things as his clone began by spreading his awareness towards the Spiritual Land and the eerily calm blazing earth that was normally surrounded by Infernals but was currently filled with numerous undead that orderly kept watch.

His intrusion above the skies of the Spiritual Land was first noticed by Barbatos, only to be later followed by the Abhorred Lich Emperor that was tens of miles away, its senses only picking up the distinct aura of its master as it left behind a high tiered Bone Dragon and Undead Phoenix to patrol the skies that the Spiritual Land was floating on.

Barbatos held the highest strength amongst those that followed him, her senses picking him up around the same time as Noah found her to be relaxing on a snowy planting field that was packed with numerous Medicinal Fruits and Herbs along with the Imperial Phoenix. 

The two of them were both in their humanoid forms, simple thin dresses draping over them as they walked around the plot of resplendently glowing plants that held bright fruits, reaching out and plucking them to enjoy as they wished.

When paired with the abundant essence in the Spiritual Land, it was a paradisiacal scene of enjoyment that very few would have the chance to come across. Barbatos senses his aura first as she looked up and shot into the air, the Imperial Phoenix following close behind as these were some of the few Harbingers to remain in the First Realm of Hell while others were in the Underworld. Barbatos looked up at him with a mischievous smile as she called out.

"Little fish, I thought you'd be stuck with the Celestials for months. They already gave you a break?"

Noah smiled as he saw the Imperial Phoenix also near and nod towards him, descending down into the Spiritual Land with them as he told them the shocking truth that the body they were currently seeing was just a clone!

Barbatos only shook her head while saying deprecatingly,

"Haaa of course it is, as if you weren't already crazy enough."

While the Imperial Phoenix only looked towards Noah with shining eyes. He enjoyed the company of the people that weren't Celestials as he descended into the Spiritual Land and got up to speed with everyone's progress, which was shocking to say the least!

For those that stayed on the Spiritual Land and used the ridiculously amazing Time Space, they were able to practice their skills and raise their proficiencies rapidly in this span of 30 days that was actually more than a few months depending on how much time they were in the Time Space.

They didn't have Noah's nearly unlimited mana, so of course they weren't training day and night. But they worked arduously as they spent months in the Time Space raising their skills' proficiencies, fully utilizing the ratio of 1:20 as they made huge gains even when considering their abilities.

Noah was the only outlier that could abuse the Time Space to the fullest, but his Harbingers were able to utilize it along with the use of Skill Points to smoothly have many of their ranks and skill trees at the peak of SAINT!

To normal beings, this was a rapid rate of progress, although it might seem like a turtle's pace when putting Noah's speed into account, and how rapidly he would have grown if he had been spending an entire month in the Time Space that now had the ratio of 1:20. For now, the harbingers only required a few more combinations before they could stably push their skills from Saint and into the Void Rank.

But...this was where Noah would come in to cause an explosive boost in their strength as after a recent bout with hundreds of thousands of Magi, he had obtained for himself numerous [Core]s that would be able to bring many of them from their Transcendent or Saint Ranks and allow them to stably step into the Void Realm.

This held an even bigger significance to Noah when it came to the beasts of the Spiritual Land, as their jump from Saint and into the Void would have a stupendous meaning by itself.

When he left to head into the 7th Celestial Star a month ago, the Emperor Penguin was the only beast to have stepped into the Saint Rank, where many other beasts needed to reach the same rank before the qualifications of upgrading the Spiritual Land to the next tier was met. 

In the span of the last month, many more of these beasts had stepped into the Saint Realm, fulfilling the requirement to upgrade to the next tier! But Noah would not just stop there, as the many [Core]s and gifts he had obtained from the Magus World would be focused towards these beasts as he planned to directly pump the tier of the Spiritual Land by 2 all at once!

He would push these beasts into the Void Rank forcefully as he wanted to see why [Fate Traverser] held the Spiritual Land as one of the three things he could currently use to push him towards his most optimum fate. 

The [Blood Lord] skill tree had made it possible for him to create a clone, which would have its own stupendous uses as time passed. Now, he wanted to pierce through the veil of the continued usefulness of the Spiritual Land as he planned to domineeringly push its rank by two tiers all at once.

It was defying common sense, and it wasn't something that anyone else could do. But he wanted to and he had the capability to do it, so he would!


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