Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
371 Worthy of the Title- Behemoth!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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371 Worthy of the Title- Behemoth!

It felt like a scene out of a fantasy book as Noah passed his hands over the colorful essence that was so thick that it had actually materialized into the atmosphere. The area that the Righteous Fire Exploration Team was walking across was filled with silence as the humongous trees all around them carried the air of mystique and danger.

"Haha yes, the environment of the Celestial Realm is so special that it will take you a few days to get used to it. After a while, all of these pretty colors will seem like the norm as you get to experience even more fantastical things."

Boru's voice pushed out the eerie silence of the now quiet environment of a forest as they walked further and further from the Sanctum.

"We're gradually leaving the perimeters of the Sanctum, and the areas further from here you will only find Watch Towers that monitor the surrounding regions for any activity."

Another one of Boru's teammates chimed in as they continued to move forward, their steps gradually becoming faster as they picked up the pace while moving through the thick foliage that increased around them.

The atmosphere of a fantastical jungle only became more and more prominent as they went further in, Noah and Athena continuing to listen to the information of the layout they should be paying attention to and what areas they were passing through.

After a few minutes, Noah felt a significant change in the level of essence in the air, noticing it becoming immensely thicker as the Boru advancing in the front brought his hands up and brought the party to a halt.

He explained slowly as he closed his eyes, a wide smile appearing on his face as his body pulsed with power.

"Whenever you feel that change in the atmospheric essence...know that a Behemoth is near. In this region in the North that we are in, you can occasionally come across a wandering Behemoth that nears the Sanctum to this extent. These Behemoths are usually the easiest ones to take care of as they have no sense of danger!"

Boru's boisterous voice rang out as he grasped the over sized jagged broad sword that palpated with the water element, giving a signal to his teammates as they advanced steadily.

"You two, observe our movements and coordination first before choosing to join in. Watch how we handle the attacks of these Behemoths and the weakest points in their tough bodies that we attack."

Noah nodded as he turned towards Athena who had been relatively silent, her gaze continuously kept on the phenomenal sight around her as the moment they heard that a Behemoth was nearby, Noah saw the restlessness that always overcame her body as she thirsted for battle.

As they came here, Boru had mentioned that aside from the weakness of opposing elements that the Celestial Beasts held, the other weaknesses had to be learned for each specific type of beast depending on their size and build. One had to learn where their wrappings are, and this only occurred with time!

The two of them proceeded with caution as they followed behind the Righteous Fire Exploration Team, watching as the five members of this party had their weapons ready and drawn out. 

Aside from the oversized jagged sword that Boru carried, two were hoisting large bows, another carried a menacing flail, and the last one had a shimmering staff.

The one unique thing about all of their weapons was that they all had the water element strongly exuding from them!

This was because the Behemoth they would come across in the Northern region from the Sanctum were those that were proficient in the Law of Fire. Noah began to feel this first hand as he felt the temperature around him gradually begin to increase, to the point that he knew any normal being would have begun to have their skin singed at the heat.

As they continued forward, the heat only became stronger as he felt that even lower ranked awakened could be burnt into crisp, but the wondrous thing was that the foliage and enormous trees around them peacefully continued their fantastical swaying as this temperature did not seem to bother them one bit!

Noah kept his senses spread out as they finally neared the point that released this much terrifying heat, his eyes noticing it first as they landed on a large mountain.

Or it seemed like a mountain, but it was actually moving!


Noah's mouth flew wide open as his senses went on to wrap around this humongous mountainous figure, each of its features becoming extremely clear in his eyes as he observed a thing that was more than double the size of his Lesser Cthulhu form nonchalantly move in front of them.


The closer they neared, the more they could feel the shaking of the earth caused by its simple movements. 

He could only describe the thing in front of his eyes to resemble an oversized dinosaur that was pumped with too much meat and bones! 

It was walking on four legs, a ferocious looking head languidly moving around as a spiked tail that was covered with pulsating red crystal stalagmites that shone dangerously weaved behind it.


The lustrous red crystals went on to travel from its tail and all the way across its back as it gained a spiked appearance, its entire body releasing horrid waves of heat that seemed capable of melting anything they came in contact with!

Looking at the enormous size of this Behemoth as well as its fiery appearance, Noah had to agree that its title was well deserved.

This was a Celestial Beast that a single person would in no way be able to take down. This...was a Behemoth!


As Noah observed the immense heat being released from this powerful being, he saw with a shaking head how even the simple foliage and trees around this mountainous beast were still swaying peacefully, the environment of this Celestial Realm being something too unique. He could see some trees pushed aside or fallen to the side, making a clear pathway of where this mountainous Behemoth had come from, but that was the only damage he could find. 

The moment the Righteous Fire Exploration Team neared the position of this Fire Behemoth, its large eyes shifted as its head turned towards them at an unnaturally high speed, bursts of flames beginning to erupt from its body as a world shaking roar rang out!


The roar was that of arrogant reality, of a being so powerful that the aura of a few ants getting near it shifted its mood as it warned them not to even come close!


It felt as if the air itself was shaking as waves of flames erupted from this fearsome creature, the wild laughter of Boru being heard at the same time as his body lit up with tens of thousands of Fate Lines, his power at the Soul Realm exploding out fully as the jagged sword he wielded let out a dazzling blue light! He swung this blue glowing blade forward as the roiling flames coming towards them were cut in half, preventing them from reaching the team members in the back as the first battle with a Behemoth unfolded for Noah and Athena!


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