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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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Noah glanced at the two Infernal Lord in front of him as he replied impassively.

"It seems I am more in tune with the Law of Chaos than I thought."

His answer only caused the two powerful beings in the World Rank to shake their heads helplessly at the simplification of the unbelievable cultivation session where this being most likely amassed more chaos particles in a day that would normally require one to cultivate for a month.

"If your power rises like this, your Realm progression past the Soul Forging Realm will only become smother, the profound comprehension of a Supreme Law only aiding you in faster breakthroughs while also enhancing your strength."

Noah nodded at this as he spoke once more.

"I'll have to be impolite and leave our Realm soon. I know you all sense that I am not fully an Infernal, my unique position allowing me to move freely. I am planning on further increasing my comprehension in the Law of Chaos by actively moving in the outside worlds and realms."

His words brought a period of silence as Azula smiled sweetly while Rykker looked towards him carefully, the curvaceous Azula speaking with an amorous tone.

"Just be sure your identity as an Infernal Lord is hidden so that you don't inadvertently start the war early. We wouldn't want the 9th Infernal Lord to die again as soon as he just took his seat."

Noah nodded as he glanced at the 8th Infernal Lord Rykker who also nodded, his clone casting [Unique Origin] as the regal crown protruding from his head began disappearing, the dark hair filled with silver streaks returning as he took back his actual form that was Noah Osmont.

"A form of a human that is so seamless...ahh your talents are going to become very important in the future. Go on and be careful, I will send you a message whenever a Letter of Summons from the 1st Infernal Lord comes down for you."

The 7th Infernal Lord Azula said this as she waved her hand, a runic medallion pulsing with a unique power coming towards Noah as he swiped his hands and placed it in his Expansive Space.

"Then I'll have to trouble you, Seniors. Please let me know if I can be of help in anything."

Noah made a slight bow to these powerful World Rank individuals as he began disappearing in particles of light, disappearing in front of the two Infernal Lords and leaving behind a shocking atmosphere where they were still reeling from his wild cultivation session.

"...this new Infernal Lord might be something shocking that has yet to show us all exactly what he'll be capable of."

A thoughtful expression appeared on Rykker as the eyes of Azula twinkled, their bodies shooting off in separate directions thereafter as they moved to do their own tasks!


The Ancient Blood Clone reappeared beneath a certain volcanic mountain where an Inheritance of the Disciple of Fire was contained, the miniaturized Spiritual Land still stably floating near the Ancient Pedestal peacefully.

The clone sensed the overpowering coagulation of essence in the Celestial Realm once more as he compared it to the levels of essence in the Second and First Infernal Realm, affirming that these two realms were not even close to the level of essence in this Central Realm that was nearest to the center of the Novus Galaxy!

He moved into the Spiritual Land as he saw the state of the training Harbingers and other individuals from the multiple stars he was connected to, many of them having learned the Inheritance of the Disciple of Fire as their bodies vibrated with the fire element while trying to build a Fire Origin Core.

He sent a message to the Emperor Penguin as he wanted to gauge their distance from the volcanic mountain, they being the only ones that had not learned the Inheritance yet as they used the journey to this mountain as one of training. 

The Emperor Penguin let him know that they were actually fighting a Fire Behemoth at this moment, with the Ancient Blood Clone using the Spiritual Land to check exactly what location the Emperor Penguin was in. Matching the rough coordinates with the map he had drawn for himself as he traversed towards this volcanic mountain when he was following the [Treasure Hunter] of the Spiritual Land and only marked the locations of the Behemoths he came across, he found their location as he disappeared once more.


He appeared in the gorgeous field of greenery and ancient trees of the Celestial Realm that he was used to, hearing the roar of a Behemoth not too far away as he sensed the auras of Elena and the Emperor Penguin, along with many other Vampyres and the Calamities of the Sea.

"Be ready!"

Elena was shouting valiantly as she tanked the horrendous fiery attacks of the Behemoth, the others dealing damage all around this beast as they weaved in and out. The Kraken was sending down red rays of light as an oversized goldfish, another Calamity of the Sea, released blue-gold water spear that rushed towards the Behemoth. Spatial Blades were being released from the flippers of the Emperor Penguin as the battle was in full swing, everybody contributing to bringing down this Celestial Beast at the level of Soul Forging Realm.


The Emperor Penguin cried out expectantly as it sensed the aura of its Master, a fervent look appearing on Elena as she sensed the aura of the Progenitor!


Noah read this state of battle as he teleported once more, appearing atop the Fire Behemoth that looked like a large iguana, his feet stably landing atop the beast that soon felt the intrusion of a being stepped on it and roared loudly, fiery essence bubbling on its body as it prepared to burn whoever was so foolish to stand upon it.

Noah disregarded the bubbling power of the beast as he called out calmly, wanting to test the efficacy of the rare Supreme Law of Chaos as he came to pick up his subordinates for the future plans he had.

[Chaos Field], [Essence Disruptor].


A dark field containing tens of thousands of Chaos Particles spread out with him at the center, the deadly chaotic field going on to wrap around the body of the Fire Behemoth as the wild movements it was doing came to a halt, Noah's clone actually going on to use one of the new abilities he obtained!


It let out a fearsome roar as it tried to move, the numerous Chaos Particles going on to disrupt its essence as it felt its muscles spasming and the essence of the Law of Fire suppressed!

The Pureblood Vampyres and subordinates around him looked in shock at the incapacitated Fire Behemoth, Noah himself continuing his test as he looked over the other set of abilities that came with the Inheritance of the Disciple of Chaos when he obtained the Infernal Lord Title.

He glanced at the absolute skills called \u003c\u003cHerald of Chaos\u003e\u003e and [Agent of Chaos] as his mana began moving wildly!


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