Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
449 No Chance of Winning!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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449 No Chance of Winning!

The Sanctum was bustling with activities as word spread of the magnificent battles to take place soon.

Those in the ranks of Celestials were looking forward to seeing the geniuses at the forefront of their organization while those from the numerous Prime Worlds in the Light Expanse looked forward to the show of power from the overlords that stood over their Light Expanse.

Among these many forces, there were also the hidden figures from the Dark Expanse that wanted to use this opportunity to learn more about their enemies!

It was an opportunity to assess the supposed geniuses that would be taking charge in the upcoming battle, this tournament actually being something that could reward them the most in this venture in the Celestial Realm as it provided a rare commodity about the Celestials- Information!

Many beings moved with their own motivations, but it was ultimately to watch the stupendous battles that would soon be occurring.

Amidst the bustle of activities, Noah was moving with the Righteous Fire Exploration Team where the boisterous Boru continued to talk about the beings they would be facing. 

"The toughest Celestial Grandmasters you will have to watch out for are Grandmaster Light and the Three-Eyed Fate Child, the Special Existences that run their own Elite Teams and have been moving in the regions where Fate Behemoths are abundant."

His eyes were serious as he said this, their steps taking them towards the specified location in the Celestial Realm when one could find the less aggressive Earth Behemoths roving around. The path they followed made them seem like ants as they stood within droves of beings that went towards the same direction, Celestials and normal beings from the Prime World alike.

"I say this because unlike the other beings similar to you and hold the title of those with Noble Fates, these Special Existences are beings that are cultivating not just the Supreme Law of Fate, but also another Supreme Law!"

The gaze of Boru shone with splendor as his burly body thrummed with power, just mentioning these powerful Celestials making one feel the adoration and wariness he had at their power.

"So while you are proficient in the Law of Fate as they are, they also have another Supreme Law aiding their power. Grandmaster Light is someone that cultivates the Supreme Law of Light, a being that very few can even damage, while the Three-Eyed Fate Child is very proficient in the Supreme Law of Time-Space, a very abstruse law that combines the Law of Time and the Law of Space. Those that spar with him do not even understand why they are defeated, they just find out that they are. So-"

"Junior Brother Boru, why are you only bragging about Senior Sister Light and Senior Brother Three-Eyed? Are the rest of us not worthy?"

From the front, a strong and confident voice spoke towards their group as a man surrounded by a group of golden robed Celestials caused the crowds of beings to spread out, his gaze locking on the figures of Noah and Athena while he sent a question towards Boru.

The burly Boru smiled wryly as he called out to the being that had interrupted his speech.

"Senior Brother Xander, I haven't seen you in over a year. You're as confident as ever."

The Celestial Grandmaster called Xander looked forward with squinting eyes and a wide smile as he came in front of their group, his eyes filled with shining lights locking with Athena and Noah.

"So, am I not an opponent our new Junior Brother and Sister holding the titles for Nobe Fates should be looking out for? I do hold the same title if I recall."

Grandmaster Xander did not relent, continuing his question as Noah glanced at this being he had already collected information about.

Grandmaster Xander- Dark-haired, gold eyes, age 233, roughly 264,927 Fate Lines, and a being holding the title of one with a Noble Fate!

"My oh my, are you bullying the younger disciples again?"

Another voice came out from the distance as another figure appeared, the situation turning into one where multiple people just invited themselves into the conversation as the two beings at the center of it were Noah and Athena!

Xander turned towards the new figure as he glanced at her with a smile, his eyes shining with carefulness. 

"Senior Sister Lila, I hope you've trained enough for these upcoming battles, or it won't be just the younger disciples I would be bullying."

A provocative sentence was released from Xander towards the newly appearing being that was also someone that held the title of a being with a Noble Fate!

This time it was the Celestial known as Lila- Blue hair, dark eyes, age 229 and around 250,000 Fate Lines, a woman with deadly proficiency in close combat.

"I like that you're still so confident, Xander! Now let's take a look at the Junior Brother and Sister who will be fighting for the treasures with us this time around. Crixus and Athena, is it?"

Yet another combatant in the upcoming tournament came to introduce themselves to them as the woman whose body vibrated with power came close, her gaze when looking towards Noah and Athena being one of an adult looking at upcoming young ones!

Athena nodded as she replied.

"Nice to meet Senior Brother Xander and Senior Sister Lila. We look forward to learning many things in these upcoming matches."

Her words were those without disrespect, but also expressing that they would be giving it their all in the coming battles. Lila smiled sweetly as she patted Athena on the head, the collection of 4 beings holding Noble Fates coming together all at once occurring in the Sanctum of the Celestial Realm!

"So cute. Use this opportunity to increase your battle prowess and learn from your seniors. You'll have many more opportunities in the future."

Grandmaster Lila said this as she patted Athena's head, seeming like a caring Senior Sister taking care of her junior.

Her demeanor and the demeanor of Xander made one thing abundantly clear- in the upcoming battles, Noah and Athena were not even considered serious combatants, their few years cultivating and recent breakthroughs in realms not even landing in the eyes of these powerful experts that had been moving for more than 200 years!

As far as what was known, Athena had just broken past the 100,000 Barrier of fate lines recently, with the other junior brother Crixus still not even passing that yet.

These other beings with Noble Fates, barring the even more powerful Special Existences they had not met- none of them believed that Athena and Noah even had a shot of winning the bountiful rewards!


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