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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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503 Realms 101

A Realm!

The next tier of the Spiritual World was not anything simple like going from a Large World and into a Prime World. Similar to the past upgrade where it went from needing the Core of a Small World to needing the Core of a Large World for the upgrade he just conducted, the next rank did not just ask for a Prime World Core, but 5 of them in order to take the Spiritual World into the stage of a Realm at once!

This stage was something very few Worlds were capable of achieving, there needing to be numerous qualities that had to be met before such an event could take place.

An example was something like the Ancient Blood World where the Vampyre Progenitor left behind. That enormous world had become a Realm in the past, but it had downgraded over time and returned to a Prime World as nearly all of its people were gone from it, the essence and status of the world gradually declining until it returned to a Prime one.

But this also meant that with enough essence and status, a world could be raised to the level of a Realm depending on what beings, treasures, or other unique factors that surrounded it!

The Celestial Stars where numerous forces of Celestials were clustered could be considered one such case, where they were larger than most Prime World and on their way to becoming Realms, the status of the world and the beings within it growing ever so larger as time passed. Such worlds were on the cusp of becoming a realm just from status alone, but what prevented it was the essence required which continued to be absorbed from the starry void of space for hundreds of years.

When it came to Noah, he had his own plans of the formation as a realm, as such a task became particularly easy for him in terms of essence. This was because he had the essence of numerous worlds, and he even more recently attached himself to tens of Prime Worlds all across the Light Expanse!

His first clone was still steadily continuing on this task even now as he fully had the requirement of essence down, with all that was left being the status of the world, which was affected by the beings dwelling in it. There were numerous Realms spread out across the Novus Galaxy, some known and some hidden, and each with their own unique features.

The feature that unified all of them together...was the fact that every established realm had its own independent space!

Its own spatial territory that one could not observe unless they used the only thing shown to the outside world- an entrance. This was why the Infernal Realms had huge gates floating in space, and also the same reason for the golden gate leading to the Celestial Realm.

These gates could not be destroyed, nor could they be moved. Such a thing made it so that destroying a Realm was nigh impossible, as it first existed in its own independent space, and the only place leading to it was indestructible!

This was something that Noah badly wanted- a place that would be very hard for others to destroy, something that could act like a stronghold! He looked forward to the future where he could establish his own realm, his own hidden spatial realm where the worry of its destruction or his own would never weigh down on him so heavily. 

His eyes shone as he looked at the first possibility of a realm opening itself up in front of him, the worlds he was connected to not yet achieving the required status, but this unique treasure bypassing all of that as it showed a path never before followed. 

In his heart, there was already a plan of using simple brute force and essence on the worlds he was connected to in order to form a realm that actually combined many of them to quickly achieve the required status, but he would test things out with this method the Spiritual World provided as he gained the smooth experience without the danger of the unknown!

He glanced at the Spiritual World that continued to surprise him as he checked out the rest of the features, sending many commands to the Spiritual World System for renovations and places to set up the newly unlocked Fate and Chaos Spaces aside from the small areas in the Time Space where his clone was training in. 


In the clear blue sky in a certain paradisiacal clearing of the Golden Bastion, Athena was sitting down with a pleasant expression as essence vibrated around her. There was a gold light slowly flowing in the area she was in as her body was lifted off of the floor and floated in the air. Her eyes opened sharply as she felt the vibrant strength at the World Realm strongly bounce off around her!

Unexpectedly, this War Princess had actually broken through in a matter of days after she utilized the treasures handed down to her along with her own unique genius as she combined valuable materials and treasures that very few could enjoy along with sheer willpower of strength to break through.

The weakness she felt when looking at the dominating scenes of a particular Infernal Lord faded as she clenched her fists and felt the feeling of power, knowing that she now stood on the same realm as that being.

At this stage, she should be able to handle someone of that caliber with her unique abilities, right?


Her questioning thoughts came to a stop as she heard a telepathic message call out to her, the voice of Grandmaster Vredral ringing in her mind as it called for her to come towards the central area of the Golden Bastion.

She was not the only one receiving such a message, as Noah who was floating in the Spiritual World and marveling at the new upgrades and features received the same message, calling him back to the Golden Bastion as something grand was about to occur!


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