Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
511 Commander Crixus
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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511 Commander Crixus

In the Golden Bastion of the Celestial Realm, Noah's main body was in the skies overlooking the expansive fortress of the Celestials.

He was currently on one of the huge Prime Warships that was just assigned to him, many others filling the skies around the Golden Bastion as the new legions of the four geniuses from the recent tournament were formed.

His hands fiddled with the Commander's Golden Medallion that set his identity as a Celestial Commander, his face turning to look far into the mystically swaying ancient trees of the Celestial Realm as he thought about the information that his clone was listening to from Old Man Inuit.

Past these many vibrant ancient trees filled with essence, there apparently existed a barrier that even the Founder, Aldrich, could not break!

He was in the process of exploring further himself as he had already begun running into World Rank Celestial Behemoth, but he had to leave behind his exploration for now as many things were happening all around him. The mysteries of the Celestial Realm that even stumped someone as powerful as the Founder could slowly be unveiled as time passed, his heart now steeling himself for the wars to come.

In the past day, Grandmaster Vredral and many other Celestials were moving with even more wrath and vigor after the destruction of the 7th Celestial Star, this place they knew as their home being taken away by the very same beings they considered to be lawless savages bent on perpetuating chaos, this event just further cementing their beliefs!

This led to rapid productiveness that allowed for Noah to already be situated atop a Prime Warship that had himself at the lead, very soon moving as a commanding figure of the Celestials to wage war against the so-called savages of the Dark Expanse.

"Commander Crixus...that has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

The clear voice of Athena rang out as the War Princess materialized near him with a smile, Noah turning towards her as he replied with his gaze still watching the distance.

"My dear Commander Athena, should you be leaving your Warship so quickly? You should soon be meeting with your subordinates as a chain of command is established for your Legion. Or does none of that matters since you're missing me too much?"

"Hmph, all that respect for your senior sister seems to be disappearing faster and faster for you to be talking to me like this."

The War Princess had a teasing expression as she spoke, Noah finally turning around to look at her as he replied with a smile.

"You still couldn't match me even on a spar after all, Senior Sister."

The Junior Brother and Senior Sister bantered as they spoke of their current situation, the matter of the 7th Celestial Star exploding not affecting them as much since they spent very little time there, with Athena simply seeing it as Fate that brought forth an event which further steeled the hearts of the Celestials. When it came to the two of them, their roles as Commanders were also rapidly changing how things worked around them!

The two of them and the Three-Eyed Fate Child, as well as Grandmaster Light, were slowly acclimating to their positions as many Warships and beings were placed under their commands, gradually fitting themselves into the role of Commanders as they prepared to set off towards the Dark Expanse.

During this period of time, Noah got a whole lot more information about the Celestial Legion, the distribution of their powerhouses, as well as the powerful Commanders to be looking out for!

"If we are victorious in many battles, maybe even we will be able to get our hands on the rare Realm Dreadnought."

Athena's voice rang out once more as she spoke of grand ideals, talking about the powerful vessels above the Prime Warships that were simply termed as the Realm Dreadnoughts! 

These Realm Dreadnoughts were extremely rare in the whole of Novus Galaxy, being the peak treasures that the Founder was able to get his hands on from the Celestial Realm aside from the Inheritance of the Law of Fate.

These powerful vessels were currently under the command of the Golden Commanders, the term given to the few Celestials that had entered the Star Forging Realm, those just a step away from the Nebula Realm, and the true powerhouses of the Celestials aside from the Founder!

These powerful Golden Commanders each led their own Realm Dreadnought, controlling multiple Celestial Legions under them as they would be the sharp tip of the sword that would soon be cutting through the lands of Dark Expanse.

"The title of Golden Commander is too far away even for us, we'll either need enormous battle merits or simply enter the Star Forging Realm. But before then, we can only imagine gaining control of that type of monstrous vessel…"

Noah released his thoughts freely as numerous hidden ones crossed his mind, the Junior Brother and Senior Sister spending some more time talking before they each returned to familiarize themselves with the Legion they would soon be leading!

This was the current state of affairs for the Celestials, with many Legions being assembled across the Celestial Stars and the Celestial Realm, their swords being sharpened as even the most powerful Golden Commanders that led terrible Realm Dreadnoughts under their banners were coming out into the lime light.

As all this occurred, Noah's second Ancient Blood Clone continued to make rapid progress, this time achieving the 4th Stage for the Fire and Water Origins as the percentages for the Law of Fire and Water had breached past 40%!

His first clone continued his discussions with Old Man Inuit as a tour of the expansive Spiritual World was given, Noah taking the time to introduce the being that had been caged for centuries to his subordinates before they went on their way towards the Vampyres of the Dark Expanse.

As all this happened, the productiveness of the second clone training in the Time Space did not just stop with the advancement in universal laws, as the last skill tree that remained at the Soul Rank was currently being brought up to the rank of Domain!

The [Arch Lich Ra'Zan] that had not been frequently used after the time in the First Infernal Realm had finally advanced, a delightful set of abilities appearing in front of Noah once more...


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