Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
560 Nearly There!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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560 Nearly There!

Chapter 560 - Nearly There!

The concept of laws was very hard and mysterious to understand, but some beings were extremely talented and used many ways to comprehend these laws and use them to their advantage.

If one found a loophole or a certain System to help them, even crossing the threshold that many could not even near on laws such as those placed on the level of Supreme was not that hard.

For Aldrich, he had found one such loophole- but even with the use of it, it had still taken him hundreds of years just to near completion in this single law!

The current remaining Founder of the Celestials was still meditating in front of a certain gold barrier in the Celestial Realm as line after line of fate descended down onto him, the ongoing war in the Dark Expanse continuing to provide him with Fate Lines.

The War was not just occurring in strongholds like the Verittas Fortress, but also in thousands of other locations as the lives of hundreds of billions were constantly being affected. Some of these locations didnt have flashy Commanders carrying out magnificent battles like the few that were mentioned before, but their battles also held great significance as each of them came together to make for a singular result that was taking place right now.

The result of all of these small battles across the Dark Expanse came together to provide Aldrich more and more Fate Lines, his eyes opening brightly as he reached 9,917,134 Fate Lines at this moment!

99% comprehension of the Supreme Law of Fate!

All he required was less than 100,000 Fate Lines, less than a single percentage and his goals would be achieved.

His eyes shook with a strong light as he felt as if all his goals were right in front of him, as if he could actually reach out and grasp them with just a wave of his hands! He looked at the golden barrier of light that stood between him and something wondrous as he knew the moment he achieved the full comprehension of the Law of Fate, this barrier would not be a problem for him!

This was because he could feel the barrier was created by the essence of fate, but it was so pure that nobody in the Novus Galaxy could have achieved its level of purity. Not unless they had mastered this Supreme Law.

"When I first began my journey, I thought I was a chosen child you know?"

He spoke out with a reminiscent smile while staring at the golden barrier of light, Fate Lines continuing to descend around him every now and then.

"Stronger than all of my peers, venturing into the vastness of space and even coming across this bountiful Central Realm. It felt like I was on a golden path of greatness that only climbed higher...a path meant for things I could not even imagine."

Yes! He felt like a hero writing his own story, his adventures only seeming to propel him higher and higher as time passed!

"Yet you tore all that down in a matter of minutes. Erased years worth of work in but an instant as you sent just a single one of your lackeys you call Terrors. Do you know how mad you can drive someone by dangling something so great in front of them only to take it away thereafter? Without so much as a word?!"

His voice was gradually rising higher and higher, one being able to see the light of madness slowly shining out of the depth of genius of a being that was actually pitting himself against his own home!

"Its enough to make any being take drastic measures."

The light in his eyes shimmered down as he moved his hands forward and twirled the golden essence of fate around him.

"The recent events have made me wonder though- have you found another toy to play with? Another being youre planning on elevating to a high stature?"

His eyes shone with the light and knowledge that felt terrifying for a single being to have, speaking about things he should have no conclusive ideas about, but he knew he was thinking in the right direction!

"I wonder...if you will tear them down from that high place youre elevating them just like you did to me…"

His thoughtful expression remained on his face as he rose up, nobody being able to answer his question as the golden light of fate wrapped around him. He glanced at the golden barrier one last time before he began moving away.

"Well, it doesnt really matter. Im nearly there. All of this, even you...none of it will matter."

He said these words in a foreboding tone as he seemed to have a grander plan at hand than just the Last War and achieving complete comprehension of a Supreme Law. As for what exactly he had planned? Only he knew at this moment!


In the Infinite Realm, Noahs second clone was transforming the medicinal plants filled with the essence of Chaos and Fate that he just harvested from [Automatic Planting and Harvesting] into pills while using the [Alchemy Hall] feature, the upgrades this time allowing the process of pill formation to be even faster than when he used his {Forge of Silver Flame} skill.

His gaze was playing out the events with Athena as he popped these pills filled with the essence of fate and chaos, the number of Chaos Particles and Fate Lines continuing to increase within him on top of the vibrant show of colors playing out around him as he was also performing dual cultivation for both fate and chaos, and fire and water.

His rapid progression of laws became even faster as his mind was thinking of the coming battle that would be unlike anything else, the involvement of multiple Star Forging Experts as well as the play he would have to enact with Athena.

All of these things swirled around his mind as he continued to move with three bodies, hundreds of Chaos Particles and Fate Lines continuing to rush towards him ceaselessly. While others would take numerous weeks or months to achieve just 100,000 Fate Lines, he was doing it in a matter of days or sometimes just hours!

This created a situation where two beings in the Novus Galaxy were all racing towards the complete comprehension of a Supreme Law, but their speeds were so vastly different that they could not even be compared!


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