Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
577 The Inquisitor, Athena I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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577 The Inquisitor, Athena I

Chapter 577: The Inquisitor, Athena I

A few hours had passed since the Celestials began their retreat while carrying out horrendous actions.

During this time, Noah and the others had moved to save all they could, even the Nebula Realm Infernal Lord and the recently appearing Fritz lending their hand!

But when all was said and done, billions of lives were still lost on this day as numerous stars faced complete destruction. It was a sad day, but it also marked the beginning of something new as all Celestial forces effectively retreated out of the Dark Expanse, leaving many beings to wonder where exactly things would go from here.

Noah's figure flashed back to the Verittas Fortress as he glanced at the starry expanse of space where many things had occurred, his mind receiving a message from the 1st Infernal Lord as he looked after his forces in the area.

"Aldrich must have seen your genius methods of advancements and pulled back his forces because of it, choosing the route of stumping your growth while he completes his comprehension in a Supreme Law."

The words of the 1st Infernal Lord rang out in his mind first, with her figure materializing beside him thereafter as she continued to speak.

"But...fate continues to move where it wishes, and the actions of a single being will not stop it."

Even during this situation of immense loss of lives that occurred today, the 1st Infernal Lord smiled as she continued.

"You recall when I gathered all the Infernal Lord and gave out the commands to hold captive the enemy Commanders they faced? A grand present is waiting for you in the Fourth Infernal Realm when you have the time."


Noah turned towards this unique existence as he reigned in his emotions, seeing that the gathering of Fate Lines might actually be continuing with a much smoother method even after Aldrich interfered and initiated an unexpected move that still had its effects spreading out even now!

Noah nodded towards the 1st Infernal Lord as he began sending messages to his subordinates, sensing that huge things would be occurring in the next few days as he had to prepare diligently.

"I'll finish a few things here and then make my way over."

He looked towards the smiling Infernal Lord as he said this, seeing her expression shine even brighter as she began to disappear into particles of light.

The space around the Verittas Fortress regained some quietness as figures moved here and there, Noah's subordinates beginning to disappear as his Infernal Legion also began to move back towards the Doorway leading to the 2nd Infernal Realm.

The Commanders of the Dark Expanse continued to busily move as Old Man Inuit worked with Vladivostok and the Grand Mage Edrusim to stabilize the chaotic situation, Noah not needed to attend to any of these things as he went on to conclude events of his own before the next stage was set!

His forces disappeared one after another as they returned to his Infinite Realm, the gaze of his main body landing on his remaining clone who had gone to protect Athena when Aldrich appeared, those two figures also disappearing as they were sent to the Infinite Realm.

He left the battlefield at the Verittas Fortress for the last time himself as he teleported into the radiant Infinite Realm, this time appearing above the wide seas that used to be in his home world.

The unique aesthetics of the Infinite Realm that was vibrant with the essence of all sorts of laws brought in a calming effect, but the figures currently populating the skies above the wide blue seas had varying expressions.

Noah glanced at the beings that he had teleported in this area as they ranged from Harbingers of Sin to the Beasts of the Infinite Realm, with the addition of a figure imprisoned in a cage made of Aether and a lone Athena that floated in the skies with a difficult to read expression.

All of them were above the beautiful blue seas, an enormous vessel arising below them as the figures of Atlanteans and Merfolk rose to the surface, their gazes all locking towards the two new figures of Grandmaster Vredral and Athena!

Vredral was the being imprisoned in the cage of Aether, his mouth snapped shut as the baleful essence restricted him from even speaking a word. All he could do was send murderous glares toward the creatures around him.

Noah looked at all these beings as he raised his hand, his voice resonating out clearly to every single being here.

"We have advanced much, those we labeled as enemies being stopped in their tracks as they even retreated today."

Yes! He and his forces had moved forward with their goals as they opposed Celestials, being largely successful so far as now all that remained was a final battle!

"Some of you faced varying levels of pain from Celestials, with a few holding very personal grudges as things that were very important were taken away from you."

The gazes of the Kraken, remaining Calamities of the Sea, and the Ocean Master that had appeared from the sea below on the expansive vessel all shook at these words as they continued to listen.

"A few months ago, multiple figures boarded a Prime Warship as they appeared above the Lost World. These two...are the only ones remaining alive at this moment."

Noah pointed towards the caged Vredral as well as the figure of Athena who stood with his clone, his voice continuing to ring out.

"When it comes to revenge for the lives lost and for the destruction of the Lost World, we have reaped the lives of many Celestials! The ones standing before you today are the principal figures that were directly involved, but there are also intricacies behind the scenes that created for the way that events occurred on that day!"

He waved his hands as he said this, causing the appearance of an illusory screen that began relaying the truth behind many events, starting with the similar scenes he had shown Athena not too long ago as he narrated the hidden history that very few were privy to!

He was set on coming up with a good conclusion to the being that had helped to set in motion many of the events that occurred so far, the fate of Athena being the major thing to be decided on the meeting here today!


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