Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
639 A Trial Inside a Prison!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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639 A Trial Inside a Prison!

Chapter 639: 639

In the Imperial Citadel, the figure of Alexander reappeared just as seamlessly as it had disappeared from the gold-lined streets, the powerful Blessed geared for assassination disappearing entirely along with his [Cloud World] .

He had a bright smile on his face as he sensed his vibrant power at the Nebula Realm, continuing to move towards the restaurant in front of him as if nothing had happened, wanting to spend the rest of his time before the start of the next stage enjoying the delicacies of this new Galaxy!

The body of Alexander had minimal currency, but the assassin that had thrown himself at him held an abundance of this Realms currency on him as Noah splurged all this wealth on vibrant dishes that held enough essence to cause them to release an aroma and brilliance that would make the mouths of any being water .

Was it due to [Blind Luck] or something else that the assassin had so perfectly landed on his lap to grant me the cores he needed to quickly jump to the Nebula Realm and even the resources for him to enjoy limitless delicacies? He did not know or care, but he simply enjoyed himself!


The hours passed as many went about their day, those successfully passing the first stage of the Selection celebrating the entire day and night before they began to walk back into the Imperial Thunderdome on the next day .

Young Master Andrews had spent his day even more lavishly as he came back with eyes that seemed somewhat sunken, where one would know he must have spent a great amount of time in his nightly activities as even his spirit looked spent!

The Young Master seemed to be venting his frustrations because of the prior days events, and the fact that he could only stare at afar from the being he truly admired and sought to be in the company of .

He had a forlorn look as he glanced at the party of the Imperial Princess and her two maids, but his eyes nearly bulged out when he caught on that not too far away, the figure of the trash Blessed that should be dead the night prior was right there!

What the fuck?!

His mind fuming, the Young Master had begun to send numerous transmission messages to question why a simple assassination mission had not been completed as his second-rate villainy continued, and Master Zeke came out at this time .

"Alright, everyone is here . "


His voice took the attention of everyone in this section of the Imperial Thunderdome as he continued .

"The last stage of the Trial will require us to step into a Teleportation Portal towards a region outside of the Imperial Citadel of our glorious Brightgold Monarchy Realm . . . we shall be heading towards the Devouring Hells Rift . "


Alarm rose in the eyes of many as they heard this, a twinkle passing in the eyes of Noah and a few others as they heard of this name .

"Pass through this portal as we head there!"

Master Zeke pointed towards a pre-prepared portal as the figures of Blessed entered into it, Noah also following along as after passing through it, they found themselves in the middle of an expansive mountain!

Abundant greenery and essence were around them as his eyes turned towards the opposite direction, being able to observe the boundaries of the enormous Imperial Citadel far off in the distance .

The single portal teleportation had taken the 200 odd group all the way out of the Imperial Citadel, bringing them to another location in the Brightgold Monarchy Realm as each of them followed the flying Master Zeke from the mountain as he went towards a certain direction .

"We have a single rift in this Realm that leads into the Devouring Hells Realm, a realm located in an unknown spatial area somewhere in our Galaxy . This is the Realm where we keep vile prisoners as well as . . . beings from other Galaxies!"


Even the eyes of those knowledgeable were pensive as they heard this, the group flying with Master Zeke as they approached an enormous red Rift floating in the skies that was heavily protected by multiple Nebula Rank beings and a single expert at the realm of Black Hole .

"Before being granted the titles of High Imperials and the benefits that come with it, your task will be to bring back the heads of five Prisoners as you learn exactly what power you will be coming across if ever you get to venture out of this Galaxy . "


Waves of essence freely permeated as the Blessed faced this enormous red Rift, seeing another set of Spatial Talismans appearing in front of them as they worked the same as the ones before, where this time they could crush them to be teleported out the moment they brought back the heads of 5 prisoners!

"The strongest of beings in the Devouring Hells are at the Nebula Realm, where any enemies higher than that have to be directly killed since they can easily break out of any devices tethering them to a Realm . The most dangerous ones that you will come across are Fiends, sneaky and terrible beings with immense physical prowess that can bring death to you in a second . "

They received warnings from Master Zeke as the Prisoners in the Devouring Hells Realm were beings that were tethered and could not leave the Realm, but they were freely spread out across it as it was a Realm filled with chaos and terror!

Such was their last stage of the Blessed Imperial Selection, such was the place they had to find and defeat 5 Prisoners in order to join the ranks of High Imperials!



Essence erupted out as the over 200 Blessed rushed off with power, valiantly flying towards the red Rift as they committed themselves and their lives to completing this trial successfully .

Noah did the same as his aura felt the cold look that he was receiving from Young Master Andrews behind him, a light smile on his face as he ignored this arrogant young master for the time being and looked forward to seeing this prison of a realm, as well as the creatures from other Galaxies that Imperials locked in this place .

The party of the Imperial Princess and her maids was the last to enter as Master Zeke looked towards them with a smiling expression while shaking his head, the last stage of the Blessed Imperial Selection being underway!


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