Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
657 Stellar Sky Galaxy! I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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657 Stellar Sky Galaxy! I

Chapter 657: 657

The Imperial Vessel Noah was on passed through the Lesser Universal Rift with ease as in the next moment, it appeared outside the Nexus Galaxy .

A unique essence covered the vessel as it protected them from the Chaotic Void outside, even though the essence of a Grand Controller or even something like having a powerful physique similar to Noah would be more than enough to withstand the terrifying pressure and terror of the Chaotic Void outside of Galaxies .

The Vessel left behind the Nexus Galaxy that Noah had only been on a few days as it began heading towards one of the locations that were under the control of the Nexus Galaxy- the Stellar Sky Galaxy!

The veiled Imperial Princess within the Vessel was spreading her aura out as she stared at everything around them with wonder, even the darkness of the Chaotic Void seemingly interesting to her . Being given permission to travel out of her native Galaxy for the first time was naturally something that made Anna very happy!

Even the maids Maya and Raya stared at the glimmering lights the Void Pegasi pulling the carriage were releasing as they streaked across with the speed of light, following a predetermined path towards the Stellar Sky Galaxy as they would pass various relay stations holding portals that were set up for smoother and faster journeys across the Void to the places under the influence of the Imperials .

"Youve heard the rumors of powerful Entities roaming the Chaotic Void? Of beings so powerful that they could destroy entire Galaxies with a wave of their hands?"

The Princess continued making conversation as the minutes passed during their journey, many things being discussed with this girl that seemed to never have had the chance to talk freely to someone else like Noah before!

Noah replied with interest as he amassed more information about the Nexus Galaxy and their surroundings, even more so what forces they had under their control .

"Apparently some of these Entities do not even bother with Universal Laws, and they are proficient in something even more terrifying-"


Anna was talking with enthusiasm while Maya and Raya looked towards her with adoring expressions, when her words suddenly came to a stop as powerful waves of Life Essence erupted from Noah out of nowhere, his body suddenly being covered by numerous ancient runic circles!


They looked on with gawking expression as Noah replied with an apologetic expression, since the reason was because his counterpart that held half of his Origin in the Novus Galaxy had been cultivating the [Primeval Propitious Physique], and had actually reached the 1% mark at this time as the Primeval Tree within the body of Alexander released a burst out with Life Essence and caused the appearance of the ancient runic sigils that naturally strengthened this body to the 1% mark as well!

"Sorry for interrupting, I didnt think my body cultivation in the Law of Life would upgrade just from time passing . You were mentioning the Entities…"

His apologetic words seemed extremely condescending to the three girls as they looked at him while shaking their heads at his continued ridiculousness, knowing that no normal being would make advancements while just sitting down talking!

An even more curious light passed through the hidden eyes of the Imperial Princess as she found her intuition of this Alexander to be more and more correct .

Traversing the Chaotic Void with two gorgeous Maids and a veiled Imperial Princess, Alexander made advancements as he merely sat down in a Vessel heading to another Galaxy!


Meanwhile in the Novus Galaxy, Noahs body felt the burst of strength from the Primeval Propitious Physique as the ancient runic circles died down around his body, putting on a silk golden robe to cover his steel forged muscles that seemed tout and trembling with power!

He then conversed with the Novus Galaxy as he checked up on the continued changes throughout the Galaxy from having its Atmospheric Essence, Law Essence and Comprehension, and even the Life Force of its beings strengthened to such a large extent .

The progression of beings ascending through the Realms was the greatest change that the overabundance of essence caused, especially in a place like his Infinite Realm causing for his subordinates and Infinite Realm Beasts to elevate themselves greatly in a short amount of time .

This effect was increased even more for those training in the numerous Time Spaces spread throughout the Infinite Realm, where only a day would have passed in the outside world as they spent more than two months in the Time Space!

Such a unique convergence of factors allowed for most of the Harbingers to step into the ranks of Star Forgers, and their eyes were already set on achieving the Nebula Realm as they continued to train incessantly .

The even larger change was the formation and advancement of more and more Infinite Realm Beasts who had the Medicinal Herbs and Fruits directly from the Realm being extremely conducive to elevating their ranks, creating for a fearsome situation where hundreds of thousands of ridiculously powerful Beasts were rising through the ranks every day .

One would be shocked to know that when it came to sheer numbers of beings in higher realms, the Infinite Realm Beasts alone had a huge lead when they were compared to any of the other Races living in the Infinite Realm!

But this wasnt the only change worthy of note- the biggest one was the continued granting of Traits that occurred with even more frequency, where another Harbinger of Sin had gotten a powerful Trait .

It wasnt just any common Trait, but the first EPSILON ranked Trait to appear in the Novus Galaxy!

Claiming the unique title of being the only person currently holding an EPSILON rank trait was . . . Kazuhiko!


The gaze of this being who could be the main character of his own book was sharp as his dark hair waved from the winds of a high mountain he stood on in the Infinite Realm .

Atop this mountain, Kazuhiko was staring at the vast army of Barbatos filled with Undead that were brimming with the Essence of Life, the Star Forging Barbatos herself accompanied by the Emperor Penguin, Steel Mikhail, Imperial Phoenix, and many more of Noahs powerful subordinates as they all came together to test out the power of the first EPSILON ranked Trait of the Novus Galaxy .

Being faced with so many powerful beings at the same rank as him, Kazuhiko was actually not afraid as he couldnt help but have a wide smile appearing on his face, his eyes nearly tearing out of happiness as he bellowed out a roar of power while activating his Trait- [Dark Emperor]!



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