Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
683 I“ll Do it Myself!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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683 I“ll Do it Myself!

Chapter 683: 683

The scene of the battlefield in the Stellar Sky Galaxy was one of cheering and happiness, this state being increased even more as the identity of the recently appearing Adjudicator was confirmed .

Many were happy to escape death as they threw away their feelings of despair, looking toward Noahs direction as he was the only one they had to thank for this .

The Imperial Adjudicator went towards his daughter as his perceptive eyes caught this scene, nearing her in an instant as he questioned for her well being and exactly what had occurred .

Anna changed to her sweet tone as she talked to her father, Noah standing by the side as he was too busy reading the information about this being from Eyes of Truth!

If he could put it in one word, the information from this being was- vast!

There were many things worthy of note and some shocking secrets, but those on the surface was the fact that this being was half a step into the GALAXY Realm, and he also had an EPSILON ranked Trait similar to his daughter while also being an Assimilator of the Law of Chaos and Space, and a Law Master of the Law of Death .

Many titles with a lot of hard work required to bring them to life, but Noahs shone as he saw that the identity of this being as a Father was the most important!

Eyes of Truth were showing him shocking information about the being that this Adjudicator was connected to, the one who would be the Imperial Princesss mother! Noahs thoughts moved rapidly as he learned more about the Imperial Adjudicator more than anyone, this being turning towards him after he heard the story from his daughter .

"You have my genuine thanks for going out of your way to save my daughter and the people of the Stellar Sky Galaxy!"


The voice of the Adjudicator was filled with power as he said this, his eyes looking towards Noah with thankfulness as they also held a hint of questioning and coldness, as Noah was too mysterious .

When listening to her daughters story, his instincts as a father were glaring whenever Anna mentioned Noah as a friend she made when she went out to the Blessed Imperial Selection not too long ago .

When she told how he had killed the QUASAR raked Fiend Rulers, the Imperial Adjudicator had nearly disputed her words with disbelief!

"As a citizen of the Brightgold Monarchy Realm, I was only doing my job to protect the Princess . " He replied while bowing, his actions receiving eye rolls from the two maids as the Imperial Princess felt the same, her voice ringing out thereafter .

"I cant stomach this . Dad, dont we have to go? There should be many things we need to get done!"

The words of the Imperial Princess returned many to the present as the Adjudicator nodded, turning his attention to the Stellar Ruler as he spoke to him briefly .

The knowledge that multiple Galaxies were under attack was now widely known as they knew much work was still needed!

They moved to fortify the defenses of the Stellar Sky Galaxy as the Adjudicator even gave the commands to leave the Imperial Protectors that came with Anna to remain, with him choosing to take his daughter and her party back towards the Nexus Galaxy where an Elder Fiend was being over powered .

After he knew his daughter was safe, he planned to reinforce the rest of his forces that had moved out to help the other besieged Galaxies as they put this matter to rest for good!


A wave of essence erupted out as it wrapped around Anna and her two maids, the princess nodding her head towards her father as she looked towards Noah, this essence wrapping around him also as all four of them shot out from the Stellar Sky Galaxy .

They left behind a powerful force reinforcing this location, and Noah left behind two clones to continue mining the treasured Effulgent Star Pearls


Light years away in another location .

In the Burning Domains Galaxy, an Entity was releasing baleful breaths of essence as she healed herself, grave injuries apparent on her body from an unknown source!

Her eyes were calm and collected as she cultivated silently, but they soon opened with a sharp light that contained maddened ruthlessness .


The word seemed to have a sense of disbelief as even this Entity was surprised at the result, her powers ending that the lives of many of the beings she had sent out were snuffed!

The most important force she sent to silently scour the Stellar Sky Galaxy for a page from the Book of Ruination- utterly destroyed .

And the being she had sent to spearhead the mission of conquest to the main Galaxy, the powerful Elder Fiend that had a realm same as the Entity, except of the Low Tier- even this being had just now lost his life as it was the signal that woke the Entity up!

Disbelief filled her, as well as a sense of profound carefulness!

From her knowledge, there should not have been a force capable of destroying a Low Tier GALAXY Realm expert in the cluster of Galaxies he targeted, thus she was filled with concern as her eyes shone with coldness .

A moment seemed to pass as the Entity wished her options, sensing her injured body as she thought of the unique treasure that was the Book of Ruination and multiple other factors .

The wrath and coldness won in the end as she spoke out appalling words .

"Fine . Ill do it myself!"


Waves of fate erupted out as the essence of this Entity erupted, the injuries she had being healed at a faster rate as she used even more expensive means to recuperate!

Meanwhile, the Imperial Adjudicator and party of four streaked towards the Nexus Galaxy, arriving there in less than an hour as the image of a domineering Aurora Galaxy Dragon soon became clear in their eyes .

The Aurora Galaxy Dragon floated in the chaotic void outside of Nexus Galaxy with blazing eyes, the Manifested Galaxy rotating calmly on its body as floating in front of it was a body .

It was a body of the Elder Fiend in the Realm of GALAXY, and it was dead!


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