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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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Chapter 698 - PRISMATIC!

A ridiculously large Summoning Rift!

An Archaic aura that even made the Animus holding the bloodline of the Archaic Golden Crow tremble!

What came out from the other side...was appalling, to say the least.

In the hidden world, fierce mana storms were raging as Noahs dark hair waved widely, his eyes focused on the widening Rift above as it finally seemed large enough to allow through whatever wanted to come.

An aura of antiquity seemed to leak out as from the now over 100 meter rift, a head popped out.

Thats right, just a head!

This head alone was extremely shocking to look at, shimmering with colors of grey, purple, and blue as it looked like a dragons head at first glance, but Noah soon realized it was a serpents head!

The terrifying serpentine head shone with the essence of Death, Aether, and Chaos as its red eyes opened, locking on Noah before it even stepped out of the Summoning Rift.

It seemed to be gazing at him carefully as it discerned something, having made a decision a second later as an enormous body slithered out of the Summoning Rift with ease!

Its width alone nearly touched the edge of the Rift as it continued to pour out endlessly, its length not yet being ascertained.

The scales on this enormous serpent shone with a purple-blue l.u.s.ter, its draconic-serpentine head rising up threateningly as it stared at Noah, balefully colorful elements freely swimming atop the crystalline scales.


The mana that Noah supplied to the Rift was finally cut off as the tail of this enormous serpent finally came out of the rift, its enormous body writhing on the ground as its head rose to the skies and looked down towards Noah. Raising his head to meet the dominant aura of this being, Noah heard an ancient voice resound in his mind!

"Human, I have answered your call. But I do not even know if you are able to keep me here."

The voice seemed to be reverberating in his mind and outside of it as Noah stared at this creature absentmindedly.

This was because the aura he sensed from it was nothing like what he felt from the Three-Legged Fate Crow, the same summon that was shaking frightfully behind him as it tried to keep its arrogant golden beak up against the pressure that the serpent released!

This was because as even Noah affirmed while looking at the description of this creature, it was actually at the Prismatic Rank.


The second Animus Summon he had called forth had the most shocking rarity, and its identity was even more terrifying!

[Void Eclipsing Sea Serpent](PRISMATIC) :: An Archaic Animus currently in the QUASAR Realm. Still in its early growth phase, this Serpent holds within it one of the 9 Supreme Bloodlines of all Animus Creatures- the bloodline of the Galaxy Devouring Serpent, Jörmungandr. Having mastered the Laws of Death, Chaos, and Aether, this creatures abilities are many. When it completes its growth phase and fully awakens its Bloodline, it will naturally awaken the comprehensions of the Dao of Slaughter contained within.

A creature that was actually an entire stage above his own, one that he would not even be able to contract if his [Archaic Contract] wasnt enhanced by skill points!

The voice it released reverberated out as Noah came out of his stupor, wasting no time as he got serious and released the [Archaic Contract] skill.

"I have the ability, and much more!"


He voiced out strongly as archaic runes appeared and split in the air, one going to him and the other going into the head of the Void Eclipsing Sea Serpent who looked at the scene playing out calmly.

This creature was extremely wise and had lived for thousands of years, knowing a great deal of things. It was astounded by the amount of essence that created an enormous rift in its Realm as it entered into it, but seeing the Summoner who was only at the Black Hole Realm, it didnt know how this phenomenon was brought about as its ancient heart stayed until the universal rules sent him back to his Realm.

Yet...its enormous red eyes gradually shone as it actually felt the contract this being released...bind into its very soul!


Something that should not have been possible for a Summoner to do, this being actually did it as the Void Serpent sensed the contract fully establishing, its soul becoming connected to him.


Its thick voice reverberated out again as Noah looked towards the creature seriously. He could sense its emotions, which were actually extremely cold and filled with a wild aura of destruction! Its thoughts conveyed to him that it had only answered the call of the Summoning Rift out of passing interest, and that even with the established contract right now- the only emotions it felt were to see how the rest of this interesting set of events play out!

As these thoughts reached him, Noah contained his excitement of obtaining one of the rarest Animus Summons one could have, planning on reigning it in first as it looked at him more than just an interesting being.

"What shall I call you?"

He treated the Summon with respect as it truly deserved that and more, the Void Serpent spreading its aura around the hidden star as it continued to expand for several hundreds of thousands of miles thereafter as it simply observed the area it was currently in.

"Just Void Serpent is fine for now. I will not take any other name other than Jörmungandr, and I do not yet deserve the name at my current Realm."


Domineering! Powerful!

The voice of the Void Serpent dripped with ancient regality as Noah nodded, replying with a calm voice full of expectations.

"I will help you to successfully reach the stage to obtain such a name, refining your Bloodline and Realm to the highest levels in a short period of time!"

"Will you now?"

The voice of the Void Serpent seemed cold and curious, Noah only nodding as he returned the same demeanor of dominance and began by casting [Animus Growth Empowerment].

"Yes. First, I shall grant you a Manifested Quasar Realm as I bring you to Grand Completion!"


Essence erupted out as the skills of an Animus Summoner were cast, a terrifying Archaic Animus that would cause the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter to go in an uproar purely because of its identity...such a creature was summoned and contracted to an unknown being in the corner of the Dark Universe!


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