Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
699 Entities and Extras
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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699 Entities and Extras

Chapter 699 - Entities and Extras

The types of strength across the vast Universe were many.

One could embark on any path, and as long as they spent enough time on it, they would become extremely proficient as they eventually achieve a title of Supremacy!

A title that makes it known a being has an accomplishment in a certain area, and these beings are titled...Entities!

A prerequisite to even be given the title of an Entity was for one to be at the Upper Tier of the GALAXY Realm, and that was simply the prerequisite!

After they became distinguished in a certain area, then they could be given such a prestigious title. The weakest of Entities would be those in the Upper Tier of the GALAXY Realm, while the strongest had immense strength that was hard to even grasp.

To fully understand the intricacies of this, we must also mention the differences of the three Tiers of the GALAXY Realm, where each of them are like their own stages!

From Lower, Middle, to Upper, each Tier of the GALAXY realm corresponds to a vast gulf in strength that some consider them separate Realms by their own right.

A being at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm could never defeat one at the Middle Tier, and the same applied for the peak!

Even the powerful Aurora Galaxy Dragon was only at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm even with all its shocking strength.

But the target of discussion today is a being dwelling in the Burning Domains Galaxy, the one holding the title of an Entity!

Even though she was heavily injured, this being was at the Upper Tier of the Galaxy Realm as she held shocking strength that could decimate Realms and shatter Galaxies if she really put in the work at her peak.

Yet she had gone through a terrible ordeal as heavy injuries were dealt, injuries that took an extremely long time to heal as they were dealt by a being proficient in a Dao!

It was a particularly deadly Dao at that, being a rare one that focused on the extreme essence of weapons- the Dao of the Sword! When she faced the terrible Entity that was at the same Realm as her, she had found the essence of a Sword occupying her entire sight as she only saw the grand form of a sword and nothing else.

Phantom sword strikes containing Dao within them had bloomed all around her in shocking numbers as they struck forth, nearly ripping apart her body as her soul was gravely injured. The only reason she was able to survive...was because the Dao she studied was one that gave her a degree of survivability.

The Entity residing in the Burning Domains who enhanced the strength of Fiends was actually studying the Dao of Vitality! She had long since mastered and assimilated the Law of Life thousands of years ago, where she then touched upon the deeper concepts of Vitality as she stepped upon the path of this Dao. This was the only reason she had kept her life when faced against a being with strongly Offensive based Dao of the Sword.

She then came to reside in the Burning Domains Galaxy as she healed herself while elevating the strength of beings within, having kept her prize from the battle with another Entity while also sensing another one just like it on a Galaxy not too far away- it was the Pages from the Book of Ruination!

Yet after years of planning and releasing the Fiends on a plan that should have succeeded, none of it produced any results.


Deep underground on the Central Realm of the Burning Domains Galaxy, this Entity was walking at the deepest areas of where the core of this Galaxy resided, her body bubbling with essence as she drew in the potent universal and atmospheric essence around her, a unique energy even seeping out of the obsidian core of the Burning Domains Galaxy as well.

Shockingly, this being traversing in the Dao of Vitality could even drain the Vitality of Galaxies to heal herself!

If one listened closely, they would even be able to hear the distinct sound of the Galaxy Core crying out, but no aid came to it even its most powerful inhabitants were under the reign of this Entity.

"Hmph, just you wait."

Her enormous body showed a face filled with power and wrath as her words were said to no one, a colorful green-grey light that represented the Dao of Vitality swirling around her in a stellar fashion!

Faced with such a being who used to be at the Upper Tier of the GALAXY Realm and was proficient in a Dao, what could her enemies do?!


As many beings moved with their lives and planned, Noah continued to move with his own aims.

While the body of Alexander trained the fearsome Void Serpent at the QUASAR Realm and refined its bloodline, the body of Noah in the Novus Galaxy had chosen the 5 Extras for the [Chosen Extras] ability.

The choices could be changed at any time, so he had currently placed the Emperor Penguin, Barbatos, Kazuhiko, Elena, and Athena!

The moment these beings obtained the title of an Extra, an imperceptible golden light shone over them as even they felt some changes, but didnt exactly know what they were. It was also at this time that Noah distributed Nebula Rank Loot to them and other Harbingers that didnt yet have the title of Extras, observing the differences as they progressed through the Realms while absorbing the Cores.

An hour since the beginning of absorption and with speed reminiscent of Noah, the 5 Chosen Extras all broke through into the Nebula Rank after the implosion of their forged star. The other Harbingers were progressing much slower, but their Realms would make a breakthrough at any moment!

Each of them took the loot Noah gave them with heavy hearts as they could not even bring themselves to ask where he had gotten such treasures.

They knew that even while they were living peaceful lives and simply training, he must have been putting his life at risk to be able to get the treasures he brought back to them, and in such large quantities at that.

Their hearts felt stifled as they were screaming inside, screaming of wanting to help and be of use as Noah stopped risking his life alone!

Whether their wishes would be granted as they achieved higher Realms was yet to be known, and even their misconceptions about Noah and what he was currently doing would soon change.

He planned to gradually let them know what happened with the Terrors and Outsiders, how he was already moving in another Galaxy, and simply impart to them much of the knowledge they would need before they set off to explore outside of the Novus Galaxy.

He was creating experts as easy as it could be, simply feeding them loot like steroids until they bulked up to powerful individuals. This was even more true as the 5 Chosen Extras that had stepped into the Nebula Rank had already been given the treasured Effulgent Star Pearls to absorb, depending on their own talent for how many stars they could forge before they broke through!

For these 5 Chosen Extras, the Realms of Star Forging to Nebula to Black Hole would all be broken through in a matter of days, something that would be impossible anywhere you went.

Who else but Noah could make something like this happen?!

Who else could even try?!


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