Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
700 Planning to Siege a Galaxy!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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700 Planning to Siege a Galaxy!

Chapter 700 - Planning to Siege a Galaxy!

A bustle of activities were occurring throughout the Nexus Galaxy and all the Galaxies under its influence.

They were in a high state of war after the attacks from Fiends, and they prepared for future attacks or word about retaliation as they looked towards the Imperial Adjudicator!

The Nobles and Imperials of high ranking in the Nexus Galaxy were moving around with vigor as Imperial Lords formed ready to do Legions, the Imperial Rulers stationed over the Galaxies under the rule of the Imperials also being put on high alert.

In the Blue Plains Realm, Anastasia was discussing the same thing with the Imperial Adjudicator as plans were under way.

"There is most likely a powerful backer behind the Fiends, and that will be your true enemy when the time comes."

Anastasias face was calm as she said these words, Alexei listening closely with a clouded face!

"My Animus Summons all carry a signal that can be tracked by those looking for me, and even the weakest Aurora Galaxy Dragon that you released might have already had its signal picked up. If this powerful backer of Fiends comes out to attack and I am forced to release my other Pets, they will for sure find me then."

Dangerous words were released as Alexeis face was grave, but he could provide no solutions!

Even the genius Alexander that had comprehended a Lesser Dao in a day would need time to grow, and they might be able to get past the threat if he spent a few tens or hundreds of years training to reach the GALAXY Realm.

At that time, Alexei imagined the genius would be able to summon multiple GALAXY Ranked Summons that would make the position of the Nexus Galaxy unshakable in this region as they continued using the unique Universal Rift to explore the Dark Universe.

"If it does come to that and they find me, they cannot know anything about Anna, and know even less about you. I will simply be taken back to the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter as I will be forced into a marriage I do not want...that is the price we pay for being weak in this era."

Extreme solemnity and sadness could be seen on her face as this being who was actually at the GALAXY Realm called herself weak!

It wasnt a weakness of Realm, as those in the GALAXY Stage were truly powerful, but a weakness when it came to the identities of the Ancient Powers involved.

Each of them had their own Dao they followed, with histories as deep as they could be and as expansive as the chaotic void! Compared to the will of a single GALAXY Ranked expert, where did it stand in front of the collective wills of Ancient Powers?

Thus she called herself weak!

On the side, the Imperial Adjudicator clenched his fist as his heart felt burning pain while listening to Anastasia. He had fallen for her the day he met her, and strove to improve his strength as much as possible just to be confident enough to stand by her side and hold her hands again.

Yet every time he wanted to be around her these past years, he recalled how he had made very little progress and had not even fully reached the same Realm as her, constantly reminded of his weakness as he slowly distanced himself! He felt like he was not worthy of her! Now as she talked about her own weakness and the fact that she would be taken away to be given off to another man...he was truly unwilling! Yet...his weakness still remained.

A depressing air permeated in the Blue Plains Realm as the Father and Mother of impressive identities looked over at their daughter who continued to be in contact with the Dao Crystal that contained the Dao of Summoning. She was engrossed in it as she continued, seemingly not wanting to let go of it until she comprehended something!

The two shook their heads with pain as they looked at the being they wanted to protect the most and come out of this situation with all of them staying together, but the future did not look too bright…

Meanwhile, a few light years away in the Stellar Sky Galaxy.

As others feared an inevitable future of separation due to what the future actions of the force residing in the Burning Domains Galaxy would cause, someone else was actually having a terrifying thought of storming into it by himself!

Noah wanted to put to use the ability of [Plot Armor] as he used its effectiveness to gain a tremendous amount of loot he would not be able to get his hands on otherwise, the effect of [Invulnerability] making many things possible.

His eyes were staring at the enormous coiled Void Eclipsing Sea Serpent that had grown even larger in size, its oppressive aura even more suffocating as its red eyes were staring at Noah very closely!

This Archaic Animus seemed to be trying to pry the secrets of Noah open with its gaze as the creature that had lived for thousands of years was truly surprised.

This was because something that it would have needed over a century to achieve, this Summoner had achieved for him in under an hour! Of course, it was the enhancing of his QUASAR Realm into Grand Completion as he now held a scintillating QUASAR that shone with splendor. It was now Manifested brightly outwardly on the huge body of the Void Serpent!

Aside from this, the Void Serpent could feel its bloodline that should have been lying dormant for at least a few centuries beginning to wake, the human it was contracted with also casting a single skill to make this possible.

"Interesting. I will see what else you have in store for us."

The ancient voice of the Void Serpent rang out as it said us, its gaze also landing on the Three-Legged Fate Crow that had gotten past its fear as its arrogant beak was raised high again the moment the Void Serpent was successfully contracted to Noah.


Its golden beak let out a resounding cry as the essence of Fate and Fire wrapped around it, its wings fluffing out as it tried to assert its dominance over this serpent that could swallow the crow in a single gulp!

Ruby had the bloodline of the Golden Crow, so it could not be seen cowering- even when faced with a terrifying Void Serpent.

Noahs shining eyes were looking at the majestic body of this Serpent towering over 500 meters- that was slightly larger than the Empire State Building! His eyes reflected the gorgeous colors of Grey and black, along with a purple-blue mixture that represented the complete comprehension of the Laws of Death, Chaos, and Aether.

"How confident would you be if you were faced with a Lower Tier GALAXY Realm being? With your Manifested QUASAR Realm and strength of your bloodline." Noah asked the enormous Void Serpent as his mind swirled with many possibilities.

"I should be capable of defeating the weakest ones of the Lower Tier. If any of them have embarked on the Dao though, I can only protect your life while escaping."


The strong voice of the Void Serpent slithered out with unbound confidence as by the side, the Three-Legged Fate Crow also perked up.

"I- I can also act as a diversion and even use Undying Fate Flames to mess with GALAXY Realm beings for a minute!"

The golden beak of the crow shone with splendor as it tried to match the immense aura of the Void Serpent, Noah chuckling at this sight as he decided to go with the plan!

"We have yet to even test how your power will be when I merge with you using the [One Body, One Soul] ability, maybe taking out Low Tier Galaxy Realm expert will be an easy thing then."

"Hmm? How confident are you in your physical skills to think you will improve my capabilities so much just with merging?" The ancient voice of the Void Serpent resounded out as Noah simply smiled.

He thought of the many horrendous abilities he had that granted a ridiculous amount of percentage boosts, of the <Absolute Sins> effects, and the possibilities of what would happen if these were applied to him while he merged with an Archaic Animus that had the bloodline of the Galaxy Devouring Serpent- J&#xF6;rmungandr!

All of these thoughts granted him the confidence to proceed forward with a grand plan.

A plan of actually besieging a Galaxy that was most likely filled with multiple Elder Fiends at the GALAXY Realm, as well as the Entity of unknown power behind them!

With [Plot Armor], he would have one hour there to unleash deadly attacks with his new pets as he collected an enormous amount of loot from the unsuspecting Fiends, upgrading his Realm at Black Hole to QUASAR as he would then begin chasing the elusive Realm of GALAXY.

With the newly unlocked abilities of the Protagonist Trait guaranteeing his life, he wanted to be bold and domineering as he moved with efficiency not seen even among the Ancient Powers!


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